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Interview with Jon Voight, mentioning Angie

A new interview with Angelina’s dad Jon Voight were he mentions Angie and her new film First They Killed My Fahter. You can read full interview here!

Jon Voight is a veteran actor whose career has spanned decades and extended to awards wins in the form of an Academy Award and multiple Golden Globes. Having starred in a variety of roles, the father of Angelina Jolie now takes on what is a rather personal and warming role as Gus in the heartwarming drama, Surviving The Wild. We spoke with the actor about the movie, the emerging young star he works alongside and what awards season movies have caught his attention…

Away from the film, it’s obviously awards season at the moment and as an actor who was won an Academy Award and copious Golden Globes, do you still keep an eye on those films being tipped for success? And are there are any specific films you are drawn to this year?

Sure I do. One of the films that deeply impressed me is the film of my daughter [Angelina Jolie] called First They Killed My Father. It’s a film done completely in the Cambodian language and the story is very compelling, and the acting is spectacular. I have a great love for that and I’m glad it’s getting some attention. I also thought The Florida Project was quite remarkable and it’s great that it is getting so much attentions. It’s an exciting time of year as it puts focus on excellence.

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At a Netflix Party

Angelina went to a Netflix Party on Saturday, January 20 and some few photos has been released from it. Angelina looks happy and is posing together with some fans and visitors at the party.

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The Hollywood Reporter – “The Director Roundtable” Video

We have most of the interview in the video archive but we will try to find the complete panel discussion interview. If you are able to you can watch it on Sunday, January 21 at the SundanceTV channel.

Here is the full interview:

“I want this country to speak, but did I feel I had the right to be the one doing that?” Jolie said of making the film.

“When you direct, it’s going to be years of your life. I think you’re only going to be doing it well if you need to do it, and you need to do it well,” Angelina Jolie said of her latest film, First They Killed My Father during The Hollywood Reporter’s Director Roundtable.

“In Cambodia, this is a subject matter that has been debated. This history is not known. Internationally, it’s not known. It’s something that has made me upset when I was in the country. I’ve seen how it affects the people, and I have a son who deserves to know his history,” Jolie told the table while articulating her need to make the Cambodian-based historical feature. Jolie adopted her eldest son Maddox Jolie-Pitt from Cambodia in 2002. At the age of 16, Jolie-Pitt served as a producer on his mother’s film.

“I want this country to speak, but did I feel I had the right to be the one doing that? It was hard every day to know if I was good enough or the right person to do it,” Jolie said of making the film, which earned a Golden Globe nomination for best foreign film on Monday.

I felt so honored to be welcomed into another country,” Jolie said of Cambodia, “and to witness, and bear witness, and encourage, and share, and really put forward their history.”

Jolie began her career as an actress, winning a best supporting actress Oscar for her work in Girl, Interrupted and a best actress nomination for Changeling before her first feature narrative work as a director, In the Land of Blood and Honey. First They Killed My Father marks Jolie’s first major recognition for her directorial work.

The full Director Roundtable also features Guillermo del Toro, Denis Villeneuve, Greta Gerwig, Joe Wright and Patty Jenkins, and airs on SundanceTV, Sunday, Jan. 21. Tune in to for more roundtables featuring talent from the year’s top films.

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Critics’ Choice Awards

First photos of Angelina and Loung Ung at the Critics’ Choice Awards and they both looked stunning! First They Killed My Father is nominated for “Best Foreign Language Film” and we are so excited to get to know who wins!

The award show is over and unfortunately didn’t First They Killed My Father win the award, it went to the movie In The Fade. Read about all the winners here. Angelina and Loung seemed happy anyways and for us they’re always the winners 😉

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National Board Of Review Awards Gala

Angelina, her two daughters Zahara and Shiloh and Angies dear friend and colleague Loung Ung went to the National Board Of Review Awards Gala last night, January 9. They seemed to have fun together and they all looked wonderful!

And we are happy to say that First They Killed My Father won/was honored with the “NBR Freedom of Expression Award”. Congratulations to Angie, Loung and everyone involved in the project!

We have only found parts of the acceptance speech but it will hopefully show up!

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