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UNHCR Dialogue: Angelina Jolie & MIYAVI

UNHCR Japan has posted an interview with Angelina and MIYAVI and you can read it in our press archive. It’s Google translated so we apologise if some sentences might be a little strange.

Five days before MIYAVI visited the Cox Bazaar in Bangladesh, an 8 – year – old boy nurular arrived at the Kutupalon refugee camp with his family and became a member of the camp, a “temporary house” of refugees.

In early February, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador MIYAVI visited Bangladesh, he met hundreds of Rohingya refugees including Nural and heard various stories such as desire to return home, desperation, hope, safe.

Angelina Jolie UNHCR ‘s envoy has enthusiastically supported people forced to pursue home for over ten years. This time, I heard that MIYAVI who is also a friend is inspecting Bangladesh, I met people who live in refugee camp, which is said to be the largest scale on Earth, and wanted to know how he felt.

Jolie special envoy served as MIYAVI and co-producer at MIYAVI’s music video “The Others” announced in 2016 UNHCR ver. Among them, refugees all over the world including Mr. Lebanon, MIYAVI visited UNHCR’s activity site for the first time in 2015, are appearing.