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These Are the Best Angelina Jolie Movies Ever

With Jolie’s acting career spanning back to the 1990s and including extensive star roles, it’s no surprise that she has a long list of accolades like three Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and countless other nominations and awards. With her career having such a long and successful history, it can be almost overwhelming how many options you have to choose from on any given Angelina movie night.

With a filmography that Google lists as having “at least 46” titles, theoretically, you could watch a new Angelina Jolie movie every day of the week (minus weekends) more than two months straight before reaching the end of her movie list. Of course, most people who aren’t absolutely obsessed probably won’t pull a consecutive binge-watching spree like that, so if you only want the shiniest gold nugget films from her catalog, check out this brief but awesome list of the best Angelina Jolie movies of all time.

1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
This is by far the most well-known Angelina movie ever made, not only because of the riveting plot and high action but also because how well she fit the role of the video game character that fans had come to love. This was her first action movie and it turned out to be a major success, bringing her back to the genre again for other action films that arguably became known as her greatest achievements. The remastered version looked excellent on the 55″ Vizio TV I found on Crush Reviews.

2. Salt
This action-suspense thriller has you questioning whether Jolie is an authentic CIA operative or a sneaky Russian spy. She took things a step further in this film by doing her own stunts in every scene. This effort was made even more famous by the fact that she encountered some difficulty with minor injuries during some of the stunts.

3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Any Angelina fan should watch this movie for the simple fact that it was how she wound up meeting and getting with Brad Pitt. Of course, this spawned some controversy because Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston when the movie was being filmed, but the on-the-set chemistry made for a great movie.

4. Changeling
Changeling is a slower drama film, but arguably one of Jolie’s best performance as an actress emotionally. Her look in this film was also stunning, which makes you feel for her character, even more, when you discover the plot twist. She plays a mother whose child gets kidnapped by a serial killer, but when police return the wrong child to her, she is then accused of being insane and thrown into an institution.

Got Any Recommendations for Alternatives?
If the above list doesn’t sit right with you, or you have some additions worth noting, feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments. This list could have gone on for 15-20+ excellent films, but for the sake of keeping it short and sweet, it was kept to four. So, please don’t take offense to any omission of your favorites.