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“The Wrap” interview released

Read the full interview by The Wrap with Loung Ung and Angelina Jolie in our press archive. So exciting with so many new interviews being released! 🙂

Star says she wanted to make her Oscar-contending film “First They Killed My Father” not about Cambodia, but with Cambodia

This story about Angelina Jolie and “First They Killed My Father” first appeared in the special foreign-language issue of TheWrap’s Oscar magazine.

Angelina Jolie is not the only director in the Oscar foreign-language race who was not born in the country her film is representing, but she’s certainly the most famous one. An American who was granted Cambodian citizenship more than a decade ago for her humanitarian work in the country, Jolie returned there to make “First They Killed My Father,” a brutal but beautiful film that recounts the story of Loung Ung, who was five years old when her family was expelled from Phnom Penh in 1975.