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The Times (UK) interview

New interview with Angelina and Loung Ung by UK magazine The Times, read full interview here and I’m so happy that Angelina also loves the series The Walking Dead!

Loung Ung helped the star during her split from Brad Pitt. Now Jolie has made First They Killed My Father, a film about her friend’s own ordeal in Cambodia

Angelina Jolie first met Loung Ung after buying her book from a Cambodian street seller and tracking her down

The actress and film director Angelina Jolie and the Cambodian-born writer Loung Ung have been close friends for 17 years, but you won’t find them hugging it up on the red carpet like other glamorous female celebrities.

With their shared love of humanitarian work, the duo are more likely to be found in some of the world’s poorest countries or hanging out in T-shirts and sweatpants in Jolie’s kitchen, drinking tea.