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The new site is online!

Welcome to Angelina Jolie Source!

I decided to open up Angelina Jolie Source again after a long downtime to continue gathering information, photos, videos, news and articles on Angelina – and of course, to hopefully support her career! I’m currently working hard on getting the site back up and running with its all old content, so please be patient and look at the site as “work in progress”, as it always will be.

For you who haven’t been to the site before, this site with me as the owner, was first up in 2001/2002 under the name Obsessed: Angelina Jolie at the domain and was one of the very first fansites for Angie. After that I helped out and the site’s content was at for many years as well. I was asked if I wanted to take over by the lovely Annie and I decided to do so and to once again try and provide all fans with a source for my all time favorite actress. In one way is the reason I’m still making websites and that I work as a developer today.

Right now we have two galleries, the old one which is the one that was at and I working on mergin its content and my own to just one gallery. This will take a lot of time because Angelina is and has been so hugely popular for so many years. So building a gallery for her can seem like a life long project sometimes 😉

If you want to be a part of this project and help me out, please contact me at admin (at) or here. I’m looking for people to join me in this, because a site for Angelina means a lot of work.
Also a special thanks to my friend Kaci for help with some graphics on the site!

For now, enjoy your stay, update your bookmarks, follow AJS on social media and I hope you will come back! 🙂