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UNCA Awards 2017

Angelina went to the UNCA Awards yesterday, December 15 were Angie was awarded 2017’s UNCA Global Citizen of the Year and you can listed to her speech in the video below. And last, huge congratulations to Angelina, we are all so proud of you! <3

On Friday, December 15, Angelina Jolie attended the 2017 U.N. Correspondents Association Awards at the Cipriani Wall Street, where the actress and humanitarian received an award honoring her years of work bringing attention and aid to refugees around the world. She took her children Pax, Knox, Zahara and Shiloh with her to the event.

In a black strapless gown, Jolie looked elegant, glamorous and dignified receiving her honor. In her acceptance speech, Jolie mentioned her coworkers at the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council), saying, “I remember many of our field visits and I learned so much from you,” and thanked the correspondents for their efforts. “I want to thank and honor the staff who routinely serve under difficult conditions and every kind of danger because they believe in and value every refugee life,” she said.

In a humble and self-aware moment, Jolie recognized that due to her privilege and the fact that she’s just part of a team, she’s able to pursue other projects and have a family outside her work with the UN, whereas many of her female colleagues “have been unable to have a family because of the dangerous places they have worked for years on end and the sacrifices they have made.”

Reflecting on her identity as a global citizen and the work of the UN in today’s world, Jolie eloquently put into words what so many of us should keep in mind:

“It is being suggested by some people today that to consider yourself a global citizen is to care less for your country, to be insufficiently patriotic. We’ve been led to believe that international institutions and treaties, commitments on human rights built over generations, are a straightjacket upon the interests of individual countries. As if the only way for any nation to rise is at the expense of others. like everyone here, I love my own country. I am proud to be American. But I also feel a sense of responsibility towards all other people all around the world fighting for the freedoms that we are very lucky to have secured years ago. And for me, this is what it means to be a citizen of the world: seeing yourself in the struggles of others.”

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Message from UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie

“About 600,000 people from the Rohingya people fled Myanmar to Bangladesh within two months. It is the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world. The vast majority are women, children, newborns and the elderly. They arrive exhausted, bruised, hungry and traumatized. They report that their villages were burned, that women and children were raped; that small children were torn from their mothers’ arms to be killed and that the parents were executed in front of their families. The Rohingya were a stateless people. In Myanmar, they are denied citizenship, other human rights and access to basic services, even though they have lived in the country for centuries. Like all of us, they deserve to belong and live free from violence, discrimination and persecution. They need to be able to return to their homes safely, and their basic human rights guaranteed. At this defining moment, as they struggle to survive as refugees, their lives depend on our help. They are counting on us, so we will not forget and not turn our backs on them. “

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Why Nato must defend women’s rights

Article written by Angelina and Jens Stoltenberg for The Guardian. A very important article so be sure to read it!

All violence against women betrays the fundamental promise in the UN Charter of equal rights and dignity for women. It is one of the prime reasons why women remain in a subordinate position in relation to men in most parts of the world.

When this violence is committed as an act of war it tears apart families, creates mass displacement, and makes peace and reconciliation far harder to achieve. In fact, it is often designed expressly to achieve those goals as part of a military strategy.

Despite being prohibited by international law, sexual violence continues to be employed as a tactic of war in numerous conflicts from Myanmar to Ukraine and Syria to Somalia. It includes mass rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, and rape as a form of torture, ethnic cleansing and terrorism. It accounts in large part for why it is often more dangerous to be a woman in a warzone today than it is to be a soldier.
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Angelina at the “UN Peacekeeping Summit”

Angelina is currently in Vancouver, Canada at the UN Peacekeeping Summit and she is the keynote speaker. She will be talking about the issues of sexual abuse and exploitation of women in conflict zones.

There is so many reasons to admire Angelina and one is her strength to keep fighting for women all over the world. <3 Angelina let the Canadian magazine, The Huffington Post to read some of her speech and you can read it in our press archive:

“It is on our television screens and in our newspapers. Why then, does nothing change?”

Angelina Jolie believes there are three myths as to why sexual violence — which the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network defines as a “non-legal term that refers to crimes like sexual assault, rape, and sexual abuse” — still occurs in conflict zones and elsewhere, despite the advancements made around the world.

The 42-year-old actor, mother and Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is giving a keynote speech in Vancouver today at the UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial Summit. HuffPost Canada got an exclusive first look at excerpts from her speech.

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To attend UNCA Awards as guest of honor

One more event coming up for Angelina and this time it’s the UNCA Awards and she will be the guest of honor. The event will take pleace on December 15 in New York.

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