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Angelina joins BBC Radio for Christmas

Angelina will be a guest at the British Radio 4’s “Today” programme which is recorded today, we think. The programme will air December 28 and we will try and find the audio clip for you, hopefully it will be easy to find! She was on this Radio show back in 2016 as well and we will do our best and try to locate that clip as well.

Angelina Jolie will guest edit Radio 4’s Today programme while Take That will take over Radio 2 as part of BBC Radio’s festive schedules.

Jolie, who is a special envoy to the UN Refugee Agency, will take over editor duties on Today on 28 December.

She is one of a number of guest editors between 22 December to 1 January, with David Dimbleby first to take charge.

On Christmas Day, meanwhile, Take That will celebrate their 30th anniversary with a two-hour show. The schedule also features such stalwarts as Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College on Christmas Eve. Bob Shennan, the BBC’s director of radio and music, said the schedule was “an unrivalled collection of programmes”.

Jolie is expected to invite a series of guests – including refugees and survivors of conflict – to discuss the global refugee crisis and solutions to violence against women in war zones.

A spokesperson for the actress said she has already begun working with the Today programme team, saying the actress was “grateful for this opportunity to draw on the BBC’s global expertise and network to explore practical solutions to a number of pressing issues of our time.”

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‘The Director’s Cut’ podcast interview

A new podcast interview has been released with Angelina promoting First They Killed My Father and it was released on October 7, 2017 and the interview was with the podcast The Director’s Cut. Listen below for a great interview about the project:

Director Angelina Jolie discusses her new film, First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, with fellow Director Jeremy Kagan. Based on a memoir by human rights activist Loung Ung, the film recounts the Cambodian genocide of the 1970s through the eyes of a five-year-old girl as she embarks on a harrowing quest for survival during the Khmer Rouge’s four-year reign terror.

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Radio interview on NPR

A radio/podcast interview with Angelina and Loung Ung that was recorded on the 12th of September in LA. Listen below or at the original source!

The film First They Killed My Father begins in 1975 Cambodia, during the rise of the Khmer Rouge. The hard-line communist regime aimed to deport an entire nation into the countryside and form an agrarian utopia — but their experiment failed. People were forced to work, and they were also tortured, starved and executed. In the end, around a quarter of the country’s population — roughly 2 million people — died.

First They Killed My Father was directed by Angelina Jolie, and it’s based on a memoir by human rights activist Loung Ung. Ung was 5 years old and living with her family in Phnom Penh when the Khmer Rouge arrived and essentially emptied the city. At first, her family managed to stay together, but then her older siblings were sent to a camp for teenagers. Not long after, they also came for her father. Ung’s mother decided Ung and her siblings would be safer if they left and pretended to be orphans, so she sent them away.
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Radio interview on The Frame

A new radio/podcast interview with Angelina and Rithy Panh that was recorded on the 19th of September in LA. Listen to the podcast below or at the original source!

Angelina Jolie’s ‘First They Killed My Father‘ had therapists on set for its cast and crew

Angelina Jolie bought a copy of author Loung Ung’s memoir for two dollars on a Cambodian street corner 17 years ago.

Now, she’s teamed up with Cambodian filmmaker Rithy Panh to make a film based on Ung’s book, “First They Killed My Father,” which tells the story of the Cambodian Civil War and the brutal Khmer Rouge regime that followed.

Jolie says that filming in Cambodia with a local cast and crew was non-negotiable, but that meant being conscious of the subject matter’s emotional weight:

Many people had not yet discussed, and would be discussing for the first time and reliving. And having someone in a Khmer Rouge uniform yell at them again – what would that do? So we talked a lot. Rithy would talk a lot – go to the villages, talk to the village chiefs, walk everybody through. Everybody had a choice of whether they wanted to do this or not, and how they would do it and be prepared. We also had therapists on set and we also had spirit houses. It was very important to pray…
First They Killed My Father,” which is both in theaters and available to stream on Netflix, was just named Cambodia’s foreign-language submission to the Academy Awards.

The Frame’s John Horn met with Jolie and Panh to discuss the making of the film, and the importance of it being a truly Cambodian production.
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