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BBC Radio 4: Today interview, photos and previous years

We have added the new ‘BBC Radio 4: Today’ radio program with Angelina from December 28th and we have also added her previous appearances on the BBC Radio 4: Woman’s Hour show from 2016 and 2014. You can listen to them on the audio page in the media archive as well as view photos from the interview in the gallery!

This will be our last update for the year so we will take the chance to wish you a Happy New Year and thanks for your support and for coming back and visiting the site!

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Tune In: Angelina guests Radio 4’s Today programme

Angelina will guest edit today, December 28 on Radio 4’s Today programme. She’s speaking to guests about refugees and survivors of conflict and discussing solutions and how we can help.

We will try and find the show for all of you who can’t find it so come back later to the site!

Here is the full interview!

Angelina Jolie’s Today programme: these testimonies went to a deeper place
Radio 4 guest edit featured warnings of upsetting content, but it was more likely listeners would abandon all faith in humanity

The lasting memory of Angelina Jolie’s one-day Christmas tenure as editor of the Today Programme will be the horrific descriptions of violence: Rohingya Muslim women describing gang rapes; Denis Mukwege, Nobel peace prize-winning doctor from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, describing injuries so barbaric that no “common sense of humanity” could survive them.

Every second interview was prefaced with a warning to listeners that they may find it upsetting: but what an inadequate phrase that was. Swear words, natural disasters, sudden, high-pitched noises are upsetting; these testimonies went to a deeper place. The warning should have been: “Some listeners may find themselves bereft of all faith in humanity.” And it wouldn’t have put anyone off: the value of beholding barbarism is only properly understood against its opposite, ignoring it.

Jolie launched the prevent sexual violence initiative after making Land of Blood and Honey in 2012, a film about the Bosnian conflict. Her wingman was William Hague, as incongruous as a house elf, scuttling alongside her down the corridors of the United Nations. Rape as a weapon of war was the focus of much of the programme, with DRC, at its centre. The conventions of current affairs sat oddly in the context; Mishal Husain, interviewing Nato’s supreme allied commander Europe, Curtis Scaparrotti, listened to his description of Rwanda (“the level of distress and … sheer evil was shocking”) attempted a bit of back-and-forth, some classic interviewer-y challenge: “And thus it has been through the ages,” she said. Women are always getting raped in conflict, is it realistic to think we can do anything about it? After a brief exposition about mankind and its responsibilities, Scaparrotti ended up making a social media point; now that communication is so fast and so flat, it is easier to establish global moral absolutes, things we collectively cannot abide. But it was such a peculiar tilt at the topic, effectively asking someone to explain how violence can be bad, given that it is not new.
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The “Award Chatter” podcast

Posted a few days ago that Angelina would appear on a the podcast Award Chatter and it’s now released and you can listen to it below or at the original source. You can read some of the interview transcribed here.

We can highly recommend this interview, Angelina speaks openly about her life and previous projects and it’s a very well made and interesting interview. And be sure to listen to previous interview, they have interviewed a lot of interesting people earlier as well!

Awards Chatter (US) – December 4, 2017

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To appear on podcast “Awards Chatter”

Angelina will appear on podcast “Awards Chatter” on Monday, December 4th. Can’t wait to listen to this interview!

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‘The Director’s Cut’ podcast interview

A new podcast interview has been released with Angelina promoting First They Killed My Father and it was released on October 7, 2017 and the interview was with the podcast The Director’s Cut. Listen below for a great interview about the project:

Director Angelina Jolie discusses her new film, First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, with fellow Director Jeremy Kagan. Based on a memoir by human rights activist Loung Ung, the film recounts the Cambodian genocide of the 1970s through the eyes of a five-year-old girl as she embarks on a harrowing quest for survival during the Khmer Rouge’s four-year reign terror.

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