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The Hollywood Reporter – “The Director Roundtable” Video

We have most of the interview in the video archive but we will try to find the complete panel discussion interview. If you are able to you can watch it on Sunday, January 21 at the SundanceTV channel.

Here is the full interview:

“I want this country to speak, but did I feel I had the right to be the one doing that?” Jolie said of making the film.

“When you direct, it’s going to be years of your life. I think you’re only going to be doing it well if you need to do it, and you need to do it well,” Angelina Jolie said of her latest film, First They Killed My Father during The Hollywood Reporter’s Director Roundtable.

“In Cambodia, this is a subject matter that has been debated. This history is not known. Internationally, it’s not known. It’s something that has made me upset when I was in the country. I’ve seen how it affects the people, and I have a son who deserves to know his history,” Jolie told the table while articulating her need to make the Cambodian-based historical feature. Jolie adopted her eldest son Maddox Jolie-Pitt from Cambodia in 2002. At the age of 16, Jolie-Pitt served as a producer on his mother’s film.

“I want this country to speak, but did I feel I had the right to be the one doing that? It was hard every day to know if I was good enough or the right person to do it,” Jolie said of making the film, which earned a Golden Globe nomination for best foreign film on Monday.

I felt so honored to be welcomed into another country,” Jolie said of Cambodia, “and to witness, and bear witness, and encourage, and share, and really put forward their history.”

Jolie began her career as an actress, winning a best supporting actress Oscar for her work in Girl, Interrupted and a best actress nomination for Changeling before her first feature narrative work as a director, In the Land of Blood and Honey. First They Killed My Father marks Jolie’s first major recognition for her directorial work.

The full Director Roundtable also features Guillermo del Toro, Denis Villeneuve, Greta Gerwig, Joe Wright and Patty Jenkins, and airs on SundanceTV, Sunday, Jan. 21. Tune in to for more roundtables featuring talent from the year’s top films.

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At the Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia

Angelina went along with four of her kids to the “Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia” in New York on December 16. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and looked happy!

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Two more panel discussion events

Angelina and Loung Ung went to two more Panel Discussions for First They Killed My Father, one at the The New York Public Library and the second, “Real Pieces with Anette Insdorf”. Busy bees!

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The Asia Society Panel Discussion

Angelina, Loung Ung and Rithy Panh went to a panel discussion hosted by Asia Society called “Light after Darkness: Memory, Resilience and Renewal in Cambodia” in New York yesterday, December 14th. Angie looked happy and beautiful and hopefully there will be more photos!

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The Hollywood Reporter’s 2017 Women In Entertainment Breakfast

Angelina was the keynote speaker at the annual Hollywood Reporter’s 2017 Women In Entertainment Breakfast and she held such an inspiring and fun speech. So many reasons to admire and love this woman! You can view more new videos in the video archive and of course photos in the gallery.

According to Angelina Jolie, the fight for female empowerment is an international battle.

“We have the freedom to be artists — the freedom to create, to challenge authority fearlessly, to laugh at power and to make others laugh with us. The right to speak truth as we see it,” the actress-turned-director said during her keynote speech at The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Power 100 Women in Entertainment Breakfast presented by Lifetime, held Wednesday morning at Los Angeles’ Milk Studios.

“We have a level of freedom that is unimaginable for millions of other women around the world — women who live with conflict and terrorism and displacement and poverty, who never get a chance, whose voices are always silenced.”

“We don’t have to keep our heads down, we don’t have to think that the film we make or our comment on politics, or a joke we tell on stage could land us in prison where we might be tortured or punished,” she continued. “We don’t have the censorship. We don’t have to worry that acting in a play or singing on television will bring violence or dishonor to our families. We don’t have to tailor our clothes or our opinions to when it’s acceptable to religious authorities or violent extremist groups. We are not shunned and considered immoral because we dare to speak our mind about why we consider to be wrong as a society. We have the right to think thoroughly and to speak freely and to put forward our ideas on equal terms. There are women across the world who face serious danger and get hurt just trying to have a voice and an opinion.”
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