YM Magazine

Original Release: 1993
Directed by: David Fincher
Running Time: 00:30 minutes

YM was an American teen magazine that began in 1932. The magazine was published for 72 years and it was the oldest girls' magazine in the United States. YM got its start as two magazines in the 1930s - Compact, which was aimed at older teens, and Calling All Girls, which was intended for younger girls and pioneered the signature embarrassing-moments column, "Say Anything".

By the late 1960s, the publications merged into Young Miss, a small digest-sized mag. The 1980s saw a change in size to a regular magazine on glossy print, similar to Teen Magazine. Several years later, still another title change, this time to Young & Modern. The final title change came in 2000, this time to Your Magazine, though the abbreviation "YM" was the title by which it was commonly referred.

YM ceased publication in 2004, with the December–January issue. Subscribers received Teen Vogue subscriptions in replacement.

Angelina starred in a TV Commercial for the magazine back in 1993 and it was directed by no one else than David Fincher, who accurately directed a few commercials back in the early 90's. He is now famous for movies such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), Fight Club (1999) and Se7en (1995), all starring Angelina's now ex-husband Brad Pitt.

It’s her world. We’re just living in it.

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Quotes from Cast & Crew

”He’s such an intellectual, and he has such patience. This is something that I have yet to learn. I need a little of that…. He just focuses; he’s a bit of a perfectionist, and that’s something I am not. I just don’t have that patience in life. In my heart, I want to try to do something like that if I can.”
- Angelina on director David Fincher, it was rumored that he might direct the rumored movie Cleopatra