Style of Jolie (2011-)

Original Release: 2011

A Collaboration Between ​Angelina Jolie and ​Robert Procop

Through the collaboration between Angelina Jolie and Robert Procop, Angelina has drawn upon her personal inspirations and influences to develop her style. Together they strive for nothing less than artistic innovation.

​The beauty of these creations is matched by the beauty of spirit behind Angelina’s most heartfelt mission – to empower children in crisis.

Long before every star seemed to have their own design gig, Angelina Jolie was ahead of the curve with her Style of Jolie collaboration with the distinguished American jewelry designer, Robert Procop.

Back in 2009, Angelina and Brad Pitt teamed up with the designer for a line of serpent-themed jewelry, and in 2011, they made the partnership official with a collection named after her.

Robert Procop calls it an honor to work with Jolie, "Angelina embodies sensual elegance, serene confidence and incomparable spirit,” Procop says in a statement on his website. From one endeavor, her creative vision draws two equally impressive outcomes: to transform the finest gems into transcendent works of art, and ultimately, to improve the lives of many who are in need."

Brad Pitt also designed their engagement ring together with Robert Procop, which we first got to see in 2012.

Angelina described the creative process involved in creating the collection, "In collaborating with Robert, we identified favorite characteristics like vivid colors and dramatic faceting, in each gemstone. From there, everything fell into place. By making the gemstone the main focus of the design, we feel the simplicity of each piece becomes timeless. Beyond enjoying the artistic satisfaction of designing these jewels, we have been fortified by knowing that our work is also serving our mutual goal of providing for children in need."

It was announced in 2018 that Angelina and her daughter Zahara has designed a new line together called "Zahara Line Pink". It will contain bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings and anklets. In addition, the new line will help shelters that receive poorly treated women and children. The main piece of the line is a delicate pink sapphire anklet.

All proceeds from the sales goes to Angelina's charity, the "Education Partnership for Children of Conflict", which benefits children in need around the world and helps kids to gain an education.

Robert Procop also designed the jewelry for the movie The Tourist (2010) and Angelina can be seen wearing several beautiful pieces. She has also worn different sets of jewelry on several events she attended.

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Quotes from Cast & Crew

"Brad and Angelina are a very romantic couple, they're always surprising each other with gifts. I've been very low-key with my work my whole life - I never share who I sell to. But then the engagement ring was the one that caught the public's attention.

The line is all about Angelina - very chic and very clean. It includes her favourite colours - green, black and yellow - and it's very graceful and pure. The colours and the shapes are bold but classic. Angelina likes to dress in a monochromatic way - if she's wearing a green dress, she'll wear green jewels, for example - and the collection reflects this.

Angelina has a creative mind and we work well together. She's very hands-on and very methodical. And of course all proceeds from the sale will go to Angelina's charity, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which benefits children in need around the world. It changes thousands of lives, and that's something that's very important to us both."
- Robert Procop

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