Original Release: 1989-1994

We have divided up Angelina’s modeling work under specific campaigns for brands, fashions spreads in magazines, photoshoots and private sessions which she did to have photos to send out to agencies and clients.

Angelina started working as a model around 1989 when she was 14 years old and the first published modeling job of hers that we know about is from the UK magazine "Femail on Sunday" in 1989. Her work as a model has been published in magazines all over the world and around 1995 she stopped doing random modeling jobs and fashion spreads and started focusing on her work as an actress.

She was represented by several agencies, some of them that we know of are Célestine Agency, Birds Agency (Hollywood based) and Nina Blanchard Agency. She appeared in several "look books" for them, which they sent out to different clients.

You can read about all of the fashion spreads under the project page to get more detailed information as well as read about all her modeling jobs listed here.

These are the work we know about and have managed to collect so far, but we know some are missing, if you have any information or even better, can scan for the site - please contact us. You can view a list of things Angelina Jolie Source we are looking for under support the site!

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