Original Release: 2005 (US)
Directed by: Sam B. Lorn
Written by: Sam B. Lorn
Produced by: Sam B. Lorn, Simeon Moore, Angelina Jolie
Running Time: 93 minutes

Faced with the pressures of family, tradition, and culture, a Cambodian woman is forced into a marriage to a man she doesn't know. Love has it own plan when she meets another man and falls in love. Now she must choose to honor her family's wishes or follow her heart.

Cast & Characters

Sam B. Lorn (Ran), Bonna Tek (Bopha), Tana Sarntinoranont (Vichet), Charlee Chiv (Veasna), Guenevere Rodriguez (Asia), Timothy S. Chhim (Nara), Charlie Murphy (Damian), Suzanna Chhim (Chanda), Nirene DiNardo (Mary), Rojana Chhim (Buna), Ruperto Vanderpool (Miguel), James Taku Leung (Vinny), Kae Shimizu (Paula)

  • First movie that Angelina Jolie produced.