John Trudell – Bone Days

Original Release: March 5, 2002 (US)
Produced by: Angelina Jolie

Spoken word artist/actor John Trudell takes his unique synthesis of poetry and Native American traditional music to the next level with a highly evocative set of sociopolitical commentaries and personal visions, sonically starring Trudell's compelling, even-toned recitations accompanied by the traditional Native American wails and chants of Quiltman and given musical shape primarily by Mark Shark's varied electric and slide guitar work.

Tracks like opening tribute "Crazy Horse" express spiritual solidarity with Trudell's Santee Sioux reservation roots, while "Sorry Love" addresses failing romance, and "Doesn't Hurt Anymore" deals in candid self-discovery. The title track involves "the great search for truth," where "every meaning has a meaning," but cuts like "Hanging From the Cross" offer bitter anti-establishment tirades, denouncing, among other things, the "terrorisms of freedom" that continue to oppress his people—and all of ours.

The album's executive producer, incidentally, is Angelina Jolie, whose All Tribes Foundation employs Trudell as creative adviser.

  • Backing Vocals are done by Quiltman.
  • Angelina Jolie also produced the documentary "Trudell" in 2005, read more here.

Track Listing
  1. Crazy Horse
  2. Other Close Times
  3. Undercurrent
  4. Carry The Stone
  5. Ever Get The Blues
  6. Lucky Motel
  7. Bone Days
  8. Takes My Breath
  9. Spectator
  10. Sorry Love
  11. Nothing In Her Eyes
  12. Doesn’t Hurt Anymore
  13. Hanging From The Cross