The Bone Collector

Character: Amelia Donaghy
Original Release: August 24, 1999 (Canada)
Directed by: Phillip Noyce
Written by: Jeffery Deaver (book), Jeremy Iacone
Produced by: Martin Bregman, Michael Bregman, Louis A. Stroller
Running Time: 118 minutes
Box Office: $66,488,090 (US)

Quadripeligic ex-cop Lincoln Rhyme was looking forward to his assisted suicide when he got the news: some sicko was abducting people in a taxi and leaving them to die in particularly sadistic ways. With time counting down between each abduction and possible death, Rhyme recruits rather-unwilling Amelia Donaghy, haunted by her cop father's suicide and thinking she's next, into working the crime scenes to track down the killer.

Cast & Characters

Denzel Washington (Lincoln Rhyme), Queen Latifah (Thelma), Michael Rooker (Captain Howard Cheney), Michael McGlone (Detective Kenny Solomon), Luis Guzmán (Eddie Ortiz), Leland Orser (Richard Thompson), John Benjamin Hickey (Dr. Barry Lehman), Bobby Cannavale (Amelia's Boyfriend), Ed O'Neill (Detective Paulie Sellitto), Richard Zeman (Lieutenant Carl Hanson)

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Filming Dates: September 21, 1998 - December 11, 1998
Filming Locations: (view all)
  • Montréal, Québec, Canada
  • New York City, USA
  • East River, New York City, USA
  • Wall Street, Manhattan, New York City, USA
  • Angelina and director Phillip Noyce worked together on Salt (2010) as well.
  • Angelina Jolie has admitted in interviews she shot nude scenes for this movie but director Phillip Noyce cut them, feeling they distracted from the story.
  • When Amelia jumps into the river to rescue the old man and his granddaughter, she was actually jumping into a heated pool. A vegetable dye was added to give the water its appearance.
  • In Jeffery Deaver's novel Angelina Jolie's character Amelia Donaghy was named Amelia Sachs. The filmmakers changed it because it "sounded a lot like 'sex'".
  • Angelina Jolie's real life modeling career was written into the script to make it seem more believable for her to be a NY city beat cop.
  • The film takes place in November 1999.

Memorable Quotes

Amelia Donaghy: What, you think that because of your condition you have the right to boss people around? I'm sorry, but that is truly pathetic.
Rhyme: Truly?
Amelia Donaghy: Damn right, truly.

Rhyme: Do you know who I am?
Amelia Donaghy: I read your manual at the academy.
Rhyme: Yeah? What did you think of it?
Amelia: I'm not a book critic, sir.

Amelia Donaghy: Smells like manure down here. Ortiz knows his shit!

Detective Kenny Solomon: You were a model.
Amelia Donaghy: Yeah, when I was a kid.
Detective Kenny Solomon: Kid model to street cop... there's a leap. For whatever it's worth... I thought what you did today was pretty damn terrific.

Lincoln Rhyme: Pull up a chair. I want you to tell me everything you know about the crime scene.
Amelia Donaghy: Basically, you saw my report.
Lincoln Rhyme: I read your report. I wanna know what you felt. What you feel... in the deepest recesses of your senses.
Amelia Donaghy: You are in love with the sound of your own voice, aren't you?
Lincoln Rhyme: No, it's your voice I yearn to hear. Pull up a chair. I won't bite you.

Amelia Donaghy: Is that your version of an apology?
Lincoln Rhyme: An apology? Is that why you came over here?
Amelia Donaghy: You really are a piece of work.
Lincoln Rhyme: Well, aren't we a pair?... I think you're terrific.

Amelia Donaghy: Thelma told me about your plans for your "final transition."
Lincoln Rhyme: Cop to cop, that subject's not open to discussion. Why?... Would you miss me?
Amelia Donaghy: Well, destiny's what we make it, right?
Lincoln Rhyme: Touche.
Amelia Donaghy: Now, you seem to have your reasons for checking out. I just... I would have expected more from someone like you.
Lincoln Rhyme: Well, I might surprise you and... live forever.
Amelia Donaghy: Nothing you could do would surprise me, Rhyme.

Amelia Donaghy: Excuse me, but the victim was already dead when we arrived.
Captain Howard Cheney: And you, half-assed patrolman working a crime scene... those days are over. I'll take that evidence bag now, thank you.
Amelia Donaghy: You can take it with a chain of custody voucher, sir.
Captain Howard Cheney: Are you out of your mind? Hmmm? Let's go. You're coming with us.
Amelia Donaghy: What? Are you arresting me?
Captain Howard Cheney: You just get in the car, and keep your mouth shut to the press.

Amelia Donaghy: Don't work me, Rhyme... Just tell me what to do next.

Amelia Donaghy: The man is a living monument to ineptitude.

Awards & Nominations

Black Reel Awards - Theatrical - Best Supporting Actress - Queen Latifah
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards - Favorite Actress - Suspense -
Angelina Jolie
Image Awards - Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture - Queen Latifah