Playing God

Character: Claire
Original Release: October 17, 1997 (US)
Directed by: Andy Wilson
Written by: Mark Haskell Smith
Produced by: Marc Abraham, Laura Bickford
Running Time: 94 minutes
Box Office: $4,052,347 (US)

Stripped of his medical license after performing an operation while high on amphetamines, famed LA surgeon Dr Eugene Sands abandons his former life only to find himself crossing paths with Raymond Blossom, an infamous counterfeiter. Employed as a "gun-shot doctor" when Raymond's associates cannot risk visiting a hospital, Eugene is lured deep into the criminal world and becomes entangled with his boss's girlfriend.

Cast & Characters

David Duchovny (Dr. Eugene Sands), Timothy Hutton (Raymond Blossom), Michael Massee (Gage), Peter Stormare (Vladimir), Andrew Tiernan (Cyril), Gary Dourdan (Yates), John Hawkes (Flick), Will Stewart (Perry)

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Filming Dates: May 21, 1996 - July 21, 1996
Filming Locations: (view all)
  • Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Malibu, CA, USA
  • Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites - 404 S. Figueroa Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Angelina Jolie said in an interview that she filmed two sex scenes that were cut from the film.
  • Disney were planning on releasing the film in May 1997, but after some negative test screenings, they decided to quickly re-edit the film to make it better, and the picture missed it's release date. The film eventually premiered the following September.

Memorable Quotes

Claire: C'mon! Take it to the hole!
Raymond: Oh, baby! I love it when you talk dirty!

Claire: Funny, I didn't hear you coughing.

Dr. Eugene Sands: Alone at last!
Claire: You must be somebody who's always on the lookout for a new way to fuck up.
Dr. Eugene Sands: Why is it that you always find me so objectionable?
Claire: Other than the fact that you're a drug addict and the only patients you treat are criminals?
Dr. Eugene Sands: You mean your associates? I'm not a drug addict. I take drugs to feel normal, to get level. I regulate my intake very precisely.
Claire: I'm sorry, that's right, you're a highly trained professional. You should know.
Dr. Eugene Sands: No, you were actually right the first time- I'm just basically always looking for a new way to fuck up.

Dr. Eugene Sands: I don't know what I'm doing here.
Claire: You're dancing.
Dr. Eugene Sands: That's a matter of opinion.

Dr. Eugene Sands: Thanks for getting shot.
Claire: Anytime.

Raymond: You've got to EMBRACE your criminal self!
Claire: Maybe he doesn't have a criminal self.

Claire: How did you lose your license?
Dr. Eugene Sands: I was operating on a patient and the patient died.
Claire: Was it your fault?
Dr. Eugene Sands: I was under the influence of narcotics and methamphetamines at the time, so yes, you could say it was my fault.
Claire: How long ago was it?
Dr. Eugene Sands: Ten months, five days... what time is it now?