Cyborg 2

Character: Casella "Cash" Reese
Original Release: October 1993 (UK)
Directed by: Michael Schroeder
Written by: Ron Yanover, Mark Geldman, Michael Schroeder
Produced by: Raju Patel, Alain Silver
Running Time: 99 minutes

In the year 2074 the PinWheel corporation creates an 'almost-human' cyborg Casella Reese, aka Cash, designed specifically to charm/seduce her way into a rival manufacturer's headquarters and then self-detonate.

Things go awry, when she starts to have feelings for a human Colton Ricks, aka Colt 45, who works for PinWheel as a martial arts instructor. He falls for Cash as well, and with the help of Mercy, they escape. PinWheel Corp. sends Danny Bench, a 'Cyborg Tracker' after both Colt and Cash. Violence ensues.

Cast & Characters

Elias Koteas (Colton 'Colt' Ricks), Jack Palance (Mercy), Billy Drago (Danny Bench), Karen Sheperd (Chen), Allen Garfield (Martin Dunn), Ric Young (Bobby Lin)

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Filming Dates: September 28, 1992 - November 11, 1992
Filming Locations:
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • The film takes place decades after the original Cyborg (1989).
  • Of all of Angelina Jolie's films, this is rarely discussed. Jolie did discuss it briefly on "Inside the Actor's Studio" in 2005. She said: "I did a fantastic B-movie." When host James Lipton asked if it was a happy experience, she replied: "It was until I saw it."
  • Angelina Jolie told The New York Times in 2001 about this movie: "After I saw it, I went home and got sick."
  • Alternate title is Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow.

Memorable Quotes

Casella "Cash" Reese: Don't get dead.