Angela and Viril

Character: Angela
Original Release: 1993 (US)
Directed by: Steven Shainberg
Written by: Steven Shainberg
Produced by: Mark J. Gordon
Running Time: 2 minutes

While Angela meditates, Viril is typing the numbers one through one thousand.

Attention of the cameraman Mark J. Gordon who had recently graduated from the American Film Institute wanted to produce short films for his portfolio. He wanted to make them in a surreal “haiku-style” and he hired Steven Shainberg, who would later direct Secretary (2002), to write and direct them.

It's been said that when they were considering actors, Gordon’s stylist friend Brad Bowman mentioned a beautiful new model he had seen at an agency, and that was Angelina Jolie.

They arranged to see her and hired her for one spot, Angela and Viril. Filmed in black and white in June 1993, the short film depicted Angelina sitting on a bed in the lotus position, meditating, while Viril typed rhythmically the numbers one through one thousand on an old typewriter.

Angelina was just eighteen when she did these two short films and according to Gordon, “extraordinarily beautiful and exotic.” He also added that, “She appeared shy but also had a reserved confidence with the shooting process.”

Gordon and Shainberg liked Angelina so much that they hired her for the second short, Alice and Viril. This time, Viril meets Alice at a convention for lawn products. She asks him to hold his head underwater for three minutes, so he plunges his head into a fish tank while Angelina's character lounges nonchalantly.

Cast & Characters

Angelina Jolie (Angela), Steven Shainberg (Secretary)

Photo Gallery
  • In 1998, director Steven Shainberg short film series "Mr. Viril" (Angela & Viril, Alice & Viril) ran for almost six months on MTV, in addition to his video for Debbie Harry’s "Strike Me Pink".