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Participates in “Breaking the Silence” documentary

Angelina will appear in the Breaking the Silence and her part of the documentary was filmed while she was back in Cambodia for the First They Killed My Father premiere.

Its first official trailer was released on Friday, April 21 and an official website.

After decades of silence, a growing number of people who have survived the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia are challenging the country’s current stigma of sexual violence. In the documentary, the survivors talk about experiences of forced marriages, rape and sexual abuse suffered during the regime. From the courts to the classrooms, from civil society forums to families’ tables, survivors reveal the hidden dimensions of suffering that continue to affect Cambodian society, almost 40 years after the collapse generated by the regime.

Breaking the Silence” shows what the charges of sexual crimes were like before the creation of the Khmer Rouge Court. The documentary makes such an exhibition through the filming of depositions taken in court, interviews with experts, professionals and scholars.

The film also highlights the current reparations projects related to the damage suffered in the past and reports on the history of sexual violence and forced marriages committed during the Khmer Rouge regime. The film examines the impact of such crimes and how criminal prosecutions are in contemporary Cambodian society.