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Guerlain reissues the translucent powders in honor of the mother of Angelina Jolie

Angelina has spoken foundly about a memory of her belated mother Marcheline Bertrand using a specific powder from Guerlain when she was a child, and and it has now been press release about them releasing a limited edition of this powder! We find it very moving that this is happening and this is also one of the reasons which made Angelina want to work with Guerlain. Perhaps some of us lucky ones will be able to grab a little box!

Guerlain reissues this Christmas its mythical translucent powders in honor of the mother of Angelina Jolie

Since Angelina Jolie arrived in Guerlain, the firm has turned to her. So much so that the latest innovation of the brand is to launch again “Ladies In All Climates” are precisely the translucent powders that Marcheline Bertrand, her mother, used on special occasions and that were, in addition, what decided the actress to participate in the creation and launch of the Mon Guerlain fragrance.

This is a universal powder that was created by Guerlain in 1897 (those in the photo) and this Christmas is reissued with an updated formula to nuance, sublimate and perfect the complexion with a soft focus effect, all with perfume with notes of Mythical violet of the signature.

Thus, these powders that are released in limited edition, are renewed in image, with a golden and white case, but equally ideal, and a new formula that, in any case, maintain a high quality (as we could not expect less) and of those that Angelina keeps a great memory…

My mother was a very natural woman. She never pampered herself, barely put on makeup and wore very modest jewelry, but she had her special cosmetics when she wanted to feel like a lady. One of them – and I remember it because it seemed very elegant – were his Guerlain powders

And those powders were the Ladies In All Climates that this year we can enjoy too. A real wonder that we all want to have in our dressing table.

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New version and features at Angelina Jolie Source!

We have worked hard to launch a new version of Angelina Jolie Source and here it finally is! One of the reason for it getting online now is that in 2019 we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Girl, Interrupting premiering, more exactly, December 8, 1999! A huge fan favorite for obvious reasons and a movie that will always be special to our hearts – as well as the remarkable performance from Angelina which gained her an Academy Award!

We pay extra tribute to the movie by adding more information about the film, a section in the sidebar at the right, with added video clips and the acceptance speech, photos from the movie and the Oscars in 2000 where we can see Angelina holding her statuette happy and proud!

The wonderful header was made by our friend Frederik so a big “thank you” to him! The photos we’ve used is a photoshoot taken for the magazine, The New York Times in 2017, promoting First They Killed My Father.

Other big updates is a more advanced press archive and we are still working on making it even easier to browse through year, covers, country, projects etc. So keep checking that section out for a lot of new interviews and we will keep adding magazine scans to the gallery as well. We took the opportunity to update the biography too so get over there and read a resume about what Angelina has been up to.

Another addition is the new section called the Timeline: The Complete Works, where all of Angelina’s projects are listed by year and we are very exciting for putting this online. Be sure to go there and have a look!

Enjoy all the new features and we hope you enjoy the new version and the new features!

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Angelina will attend the “Fighting Stigma through Film” event

Angelina will attend the event ‘Fighting Stigma through Film’ which will take place 23-24 November 2018 at the British Film Institute in London. Photos and videos will be added as soon as they are released!

The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict (PSVI), Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon has announced that the PSVI film festival, ‘Fighting Stigma through Film’ will take place on the 23-24 November 2018 at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London. PSVI Co-Founder and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie will take part in the event.

The festival aims to harness the power of film to help fight the discrimination and social stigma faced by survivors of warzone rape and other forms of sexual violence in conflict, and to support filmmakers from conflict-affected countries who are part of the fight against impunity and stigma in their own societies and worldwide.

Over two days there will be screenings of more than 35 films and documentaries from 14 countries, including Syria, Burma and Nigeria that illuminate the reality of conflict-related sexual violence. The screenings will be open to the public and will be combined with a series of discussions with filmmakers and leading experts on conflict-related sexual violence.

PSVI Co-Founder and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie will join young filmmakers from conflict-affected and Commonwealth countries including Yemen, Burma, Sri Lanka and Syria, who are taking part in a series of workshops designed to help build their capacity to tell their stories and change attitudes in their own societies. Ms Jolie will also lead a Q+A session with Congolese Nobel Peace Prize winner and preventing sexual violence activist, Dr Denis Mukwege.

Over two thirds (68%) of all the films being screened are directed or produced by women. Among the titles, the festival will host the world premiere for Leslie Thomas’ film ‘The Prosecutors’ which explores the fight to get justice for survivors of sexual violence.

The film festival is part of the build-up to the UK-hosted Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict International Conference in November 2019, which will aim to galvanise governments around the world into taking tangible new steps to address sexual violence in conflict, and to uphold international commitments to bring perpetrators to account.
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Angelina visiting South Korea in aid for the refugees from Yemen

Angelina, Pax and Maddox has been seen in South Korea for the last couple of days and they also visited some universities so perhaps one of her sons are checking them out for future studies. Also yesterday, on November 3, Angelina had a meeting with UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for Korea Jung Woo-sung at the UN Refugee Agency’s office in Seoul, South Korea to discuss global refugee issues and South Korea’s treatment of Yemeni refugees who arrived on the country’s tourist island of Jeju in May. She also had a meeting with South Korean Justice Minister Park Sang-ki to discuss the same issue.

UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie today called for the urgent establishment of a ceasefire in Yemen and a lasting settlement to the conflict. She welcomed recent discussion of a halt to hostilities, and called on the United Nations Security Council, working with countries in the region, to find a negotiated end to the conflict and to uphold international laws on the protection of civilians. She appealed for greater understanding of refugee protection laws, and for all countries to play their part in alleviating the human suffering in Yemen.

Jolie is currently visiting South Korea, where several hundred Yemenis are being hosted after fleeing the conflict.

She said: “As an international community we have been shamefully slow to act to end the crisis in Yemen. We have watched the situation deteriorate to the point that Yemen is now on the brink of man-made famine, and facing the worst cholera epidemic in the world in decades. When conflict develops to this extent, many people have no choice but to flee if they are to have any chance of survival. The only way to enable refugees to return home, and to bring down the overall numbers worldwide, is to end conflicts themselves. I hope there can be greater understanding of the human realities causing people to flee, the strict legal criteria and process by which refugee status is determined by UNHCR, working with national authorities, and our shared responsibility to assist refugees until they can return home. Without a global response based on international law and collective responsibility, we risk much greater instability and insecurity over the long term, which would have a negative impact on all countries.”

Angelina Jolie is in South Korea in her role as a Special Envoy for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, advocating for vitally needed support for refugees globally. Her visit to Seoul follows that of UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi on 23-24 October.

Meeting with South Korean Justice Minister Park Sang-ki, who heads the ministry responsible for domestic refugee policies, Jolie expressed appreciation for South Korea’s efforts to help around 500 Yemenis who arrived in the country’s tourist island of Jeju in May. She acknowledged the importance of the thorough procedures and vetting in place as well as efforts to provide protection until the time when they are able to safely return to their country of origin. She also expressed UNHCR’s wish to work more closely with the Korean authorities on strengthening their asylum system.

Angelina Jolie conveyed UNHCR’s thanks to the people of South Korea for their support to refugees worldwide. The private sector in South Korea is donating millions, largely from some 230,000 generous individual donors, demonstrating South Koreans’ strong sense of solidarity with refugees and UNHCR. She noted that South Korea, with its own history of overcoming war and displacement and as one of the largest economies in the world, has the potential to play an important leadership role in the region. Jolie also welcomed South Korea’s recent efforts to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula.

In Seoul, the Special Envoy also met South Korean actor and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo-sung. They discussed the recent public concerns in Korea over the arrival of Yemenis in Jeju, as well as their respective missions with UNHCR. Jolie was a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador from 2001-2012 before she was appointed Special Envoy for the organization. Jung became a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for Korea in 2015.

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Magazine Scans and Photoshoots from 2014

This time we have added all magazine scans and photoshoots from 2014 and this year was a very busy year for Angelina. Both the release of Unbroken, which she directed. And she also starred in the huge Disney success, Maleficent. We also added a behind the scenes video from the Vanity Fair photoshoot, which you can view in the video archive. All these interviews has been added to the library so view all magazines from there if you prefer that!

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