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‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ photos

A huge fan favorite this time! The movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith that made the media all around the world to go nuts and the expression for “Brangelina” was created. It was filmed in 2004 and 2005 and was finally released in June 2005.

And as we all know, this was the time when Angelina and Brad Pitt fell in love and started a life and a family together. We know since then the family has gone through tough times lately and the couple is currently divorcing but we can look back and remember the happy times they had together.

Read more about the movie at its filmography page, watch some videos in the video archive and view photos in the photo gallery!

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‘First They Killed My Father’ photos

Added all the on the set photos that I had from First They Killed My Father as well as posters and official production stills. I’m so excited for this release!

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‘First They Killed My Father’ featurette captures and videos

Here is captures and videos from the five First They Killed My Father ‘making of’ featurettes that has been released so far. I will be adding more photos soon, especially of Angelina being on set!

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Happy Birthday, Maddox!

It’s hard to believe that it was 16 years ago that Angelina adopted her first son Maddox and we started getting treats with photos of a overly cute little boy and his new mom.

On behalf of Angelina Jolie Source we want to wish Maddox a Happy Birthday on his 16th birthday and we hope he has a wonderful day and that all his wishes comes true!

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‘The Fever’ and ‘Alexander’ photos

Added photos for the last two 2004 projects, The Fever and Alexander. Before The Fever was released a lot of us was unsure of what the project was all about and it was harder to find information back then compared to what it is now. It has since been released on Bluray and Angelina has a small part in it. I will have captures and video clips from it in the future.

Angelina also did the Oliver Stone directed movie Alexander and the movie didn’t do well in the theatres and it has been released in 4 different versions, each with their own running time. I will try and get captures from each of them as well. It was rumored that Angelina dated several of her co-stars and it was quiet humourus in the end.

After this update we now have over 20.000 photos and many more to come!

Read more about The Fever here and view videos here and get more information on Alexander here and view clips in the video archive.

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