Magazine Alert – Elle (France) – May 26, 2017

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Angelina will be in the new Elle (France) issue for May 26, 2017 and she’s interviewed by long time close friend Mariane Pearl whom she portrayed in the movie A Mighty Heart back in 2007. If anyone can contribute with scans that would be highly appreciated!


This week, also find an exclusive interview of Angelina Jolie by her friend and journalist Mariane Pearl. The star talks about her plans and her state of mind. She confides in her mother role and her own mother, whom she defines as “great wisdom”.

“I know how much she would have contributed to their lives and I am sad they will miss out on that,” she said. “I would give anything for her to be with me at this time. I’ve needed her. I talk to her often in my mind and try to think what she might say and how she might guide me.”

Happy Birthday, Shiloh!

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On behalf of Angelina Jolie Source we want to wish Shiloh a Happy Birthday on her 11th birthday and we hope she had a wonderful day!

The day before, Angelina and some of Shilohs siblings went to the Disney Land in California together. You can view some photos on our Twitter!

New cast for ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’?

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There is very quiet around Angelina in general and when it comes to new movie projects. But some news concerning The Bride of Frankenstein which Angie is rumored to star in, is that Javier Bardem is in talks for the part as Frankenstein.

“Yeah, well, there are talks. And I would love to be part of it. Because it’s an iconic… speaking of an iconic character! I have the size of the head. [Laughs] That’s for sure. They’re not going to waste a lot of money in makeup, that’s for sure.”

I would love to see Angelina and Javier in a movie together but we will just have to wait and see if she will be in the project. We will just have to wait and see!

Produces Canadian movie ‘The Breadwinner’

New project for Angelina and it sounds like an important movie and hopefully it will reach out to a lot of people.

Angelina Jolie is throwing her support behind an animated movie with an important message.

The star is executive producer of The Breadwinner — a tale about a young girl living under the Taliban who risks it all to save her family.

“I am proud to be a part of this beautiful film with this timely and very important subject matter,” Jolie says of her involvement in the film. “Millions of girls around the world have to grow up before their time, working to provide for their families at a very young age and in difficult circumstances. They have the strength to do what no one should ask little girls to do. I hope this film is able to bring this discussion to a broader audience.”

Based on the novel by Deborah Ellis, The Breadwinner follows a young Afghan girl who cuts her hair and poses as a boy to save her family after her father gets arrested. In theaters this fall, the movie comes from the team behind Oscar-nominated films Song of the Sea and Secret of Kells.

Jolie recently directed the First They Killed My Father, a drama due on Netflix this fall about the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia, and also took a seat in the director’s chair for 2015’s By the Sea and 2014’s Unbroken. She previously also served as executive producer on the Disney hit Maleficent.