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Video with Angelina speaking about the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’

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A new video with a very important message from Angelina has been released. The reason for behind it is that it has been 70 years since the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ was written and that we have to keep fighting for this to continue being a reality and also that it will be a given in all countries. The campaign is called #Standup4humanrights so begin sharing and help getting the word out!

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Last Bluray- and DVD Screencaptures added

This feels amazing! We have now completed the task of adding Bluray- and DVD screencaptures, extras and video clips from all of Angelina’s films and not only that – we have also added screencaptures from all versions of each film. With Alexander having 4 versions, Salt 3 and several films having a theatrical version and a director’s cut etc. We decided to do this because some scenes are only featured in some specific versions and we didn’t want to miss anything. This was a huge project and we are very happy to be finished and we hope you are as well!

This last update includes:
Salt (Extended Cut)
Gone in 60 Seconds (Director’s Cut)
Gia (R-Rated Version)

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Happy Birthday, Pax!

On November 29, 2003 Pax was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and be came a Jolie-Pitt on March 15, 2007 when he was around 3,5 years old. Today he turns 15 years old and he looks so grown up in all the recent photos, even joining his mom on events.

So on behalf of Angelina Jolie Source we want to wish Pax a very Happy Birthday and we hope he gets a wonderful birthday and that he will celebrated by everyone close to him!

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Magazine Scans and Photoshoots from 2013 & 2012

So now 2013 and 2012’s magazine scans and photoshoots has been sorted and added to the gallery and we have already started on previous years so expect a lot more to come in a short time! Angelina didn’t have any major releases these two years so it was less interviews made and she was featured in less magazines but the lovely photoshoot taken in 2013 with her hero and friend Louis Zamperini for the release of Unbroken in 2014.

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Attending second day of ‘PSVI Film Festival’

Angelina attended the second day of the PSVI Film Festival as well and she was discussing the military’s role in preventing sexual violence in conflict with UK military gender advises deployed on peacekeeping operations including to the DRC. She was seen taking photos with with fans and looked beautiful in a black top and pants.

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