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Angelina will be in the Vanity Fair – September 2017 issue

Even more exiting news! Angelina will grace the September 2017 issue of magazine Vanity Fair (US) and the article and the photoshoot has already been released and do I have to say that Angie looks absolutely stunning?

We will add scans as soon as we can and for now go and read the interview – I will always be amazed and admire her honesty.

There’s the Angelina Jolie who’s now a single mother—managing the day-to-day chaos of six kids, and the trauma of her split from Brad Pitt—and there’s the Angelina Jolie whose latest movie, a groundbreaking Netflix original about Cambodia’s genocide, is also a thank-you to the nation that transformed her. At her new L.A. mansion, Jolie reveals the tension between the two Angelinas and the reason her life will never be normal.

Like most things involving Angelina Jolie, stepping foot into her house is an experience so heightened one wonders if it’s for real or the product of careful orchestration. The large gates to her recently purchased Los Feliz house—an 11,000-square-foot Beaux-Arts mansion once owned by the epic filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille—slowly swing open, revealing rolling lawns, lush trees at the perimeter. No one’s there, and all is quiet except for the delicate sound of fountains, arched in a row over a swimming pool. A number of doors to the house are open, as if posing some riddle from a fairy tale—which one to enter? Inside, the vibe is airy and calm: all open windows and cross-breezes, creamy-white unlit candles, soft creamy-white furnishings. Finally she emerges from the other side of the house and glides across the room in a creamy-white, floor-length caftan. Her hair is down, her feet bare, only a touch of makeup, her skin luminous. She smiles widely—a beneficent, ethereal wood nymph.

Read full interview in our press library.

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‘First They Killed My Father’ to premiere at Toronto Film Festival

Big news today! First They Killed My Father will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this autumn and I just can’t wait to see this movie! This also means new event photos – which always is a treat 🙂 An not only this, but The Breadwinner will premiere at the festival as well.

The schedule will be released on August 22.

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‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life’ photos

This update it’s time for the 2003 movie Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life which was the second and last Tomb Raider movie that Angelina did.

You can read more about the movie at the filmography page, view videos in the video archive and see all the photos and captures in the gallery!

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Big movie photos update

Been adding a lot of photos and captures from several of Angelinas movies so be sure to go to the gallery to view all the new photos. I’ve also added a lot of trailers, film clips och extras clips to the video archive, so be sure to go there too!

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‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ photos added

Added a lot of photos from the movie which made everyone know who Angelina is! She will always be our Lady Lara Croft and it’s always nostalgic to remember the first big action movie in which Angie was part of. I’m still working on gathering the extras from different DVD releases so they will come up in the future.

Beside the photos and captures be sure to view the video clips in the video archive!

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