‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ photos added

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This has become a somewhat fan favorite because of the character Sway that Angelina portrayed back in 2000. Angelina spoke about wanting to do something fun and less mentally draining after dealing with both The Bone Collector and then Girl, Interrupted. So she became a part of the 70s remake of Gone in 60 Seconds and you can say it was Angies first action movie!

Enjoy the photos!

‘Lookin’ to Get Out’ Screencaptures

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Back in 1982 when Angelina was just 7 years old she made her movie debut in her father Jon Voights movie Lookin’ to Get Out. Mr Voight also co-wrote the script for the movie and Angelinas belated mother Marcheline Bertrand has a quick cameo as ‘Girl in Jeep’.

I’ve made captures from the movie so head over to the gallery and look at young precious Angelina!

Big 90s movies pictures update

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I’m currently working on the movie category of the new photo gallery and I’m done with what I have so far with all the movies made in the 80s and the 90s. I’m making captures from all of Angelinas projects so don’t forget to take a look in the gallery often and I will now continue to the more recent movies!

So for now, enjoy the early days of Angelina in the movie business!

Angelina attends “Dreams Of Freedom” event in London

Angelina attended the “Dreams Of Freedom” event yesterday on June 26th in London, England. She screened a video message to all the kids at the event. Below you can view photos from the video and also read parts of her speech.

She acts as UNHCR Special Envoy and harnesses her global fame in Hollywood to help child refugees in war torn countries of the world.

And actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie, 42, has spoken up at a performance by more than 600 children as part of a project between world human rights organisation Amnesty International and Chickenshed Theatre.

Held at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday night, the event saw the beauty urge schoolchildren to fight for universal human rights for children all over the world.

Angelina shared her message via a video clip which was played out to the audience.

‘Children, I need you,’ she said. ‘We all need you. We adults, we are a little lost these days, we want you to think that we have it all under control, that it will all be fine. And it will be,’ she began.

‘The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; it’s like your secret book of laws. And if you can master it, no one can trick you, or your friends. And you can take those laws and rights and go head on with those adults who won’t listen.

‘With the power of not only what is right and fair, but what is law, you can fight back. And as you grow up, you will have the tools to protect yourselves and to defend others.

‘It means you can grow up to be citizens who together can complete the work that my generation will leave unfinished and fight for universal human rights for all children.’

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