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Elle Fanning talks about Angelina Jolie

A nice article with Elle Fanning talking about her admiration for Angelina and some insight on how she is on set!

Elle Fanning thinks Angelina Jolie is “amazing.”

The young star who recently finished work on Maleficent 2 tells People, “I was 14 when I did the first movie, now I’m 20.”

“I wasn’t as young now so Angelina and I got to relate on a different level now that I’m older,” Fanning says while at the L’Oréal Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week on Sunday.

Their time together on the set saw the two stars bond.

“We actually got very close on the second one. Very close. She’s amazing!” the 20-year-old actress says. “She does a lot and is very inspiring to work with. To see how she handles the business and also she’s the producer so to see that side of things, to see her with her producer hat on, I learned a lot.”

When asked if the producer hat fit over Jolie’s iconic horns Fanning laughed.

“Oh yeah,” she says. “Definitely.”
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Big modeling photos and videos update

A big update this time! We have gone through all the photos and videos related to Angelina’s work as a model, her modeling jobs in recent years and also some commercials she has done. Angie has done campaigns for perfume, clothes, make-up, bags, sunglasses, toothpaste and more – a good CV if you ask us!

While promoting Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life in 2003 she was also involved with movie tie-in campaigns for Got Milk?, Panasonic, Tissot Watches and Jeep. And another project that used to be really rare one was a comedy commercial she did for Animal Planet to promote the program Wild on the Set, this has also been added. It has been rumored since around 2005 that Angelina narrated a commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Deluxe, but we have been unable to find out, do you know?

We have choosen to divide it up after fashion brands, fashion spreads in magazines and then unknown photoshoots and private sessions Angelina did to get photos to send out through her agencies. You can read about all these projects here, there you will find general information, facts and more for each project she has worked on.

View all the videos in the video archive and photos, scans and screencaptures in the gallery. We are certain that you will find rare and site exclusive stuff when you’re browsing!

If you have any information about the modeling jobs, have photos or are able to scan things for us, please contact us. We are aiming to be a complete archive over Angelina’s work and everything related to her – so please help us out and be part of the mission! 🙂

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“Shiseido” photos and videos added

Angelina was the face of the Japanese make-up company Shiseido from 2006 to 2008 and she appeared in several commercials and print ads. The campaigns only run in Japan so unfortunately was the material a bit harder to find. Here is all the videos for the commercials we know about and print ads, photoshoots and screencaptures. You can read more about Angelina’s collaboration with Shiseido on the project page as well.

If anyone have any of these commercials in better quality, please send them to us!

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Angelina and William Hague writes article for The Telegraph

Angelina and William Hague has written an article for the English magazine The Telegraph, writing about the urgent subject warcrimes, read full article in our press archive.

The UN General Assembly is viewed each year through the prism of speeches by world leaders at the marble podium.

But the UN exists for the millions of people worldwide who will never set foot in its corridors: the “men and women of nations large and small” whose equal rights to justice and security are enshrined in the UN Charter.

In principle, the UN belongs as much to the poorest refugee as it does to any President or Prime Minister. In practice, the interests and priorities of powerful member states determine which violations of human rights are addressed and which continue unchecked.

World leaders gathered at the UN this week should recommit to the principle that there can be no long-term peace and security without accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This is a matter of self-interest as much as idealism. The erosion of the rule of law in any part of the world eats away at the foundations of our long-term security. Peace settlements that give amnesty for crimes against civilians perpetuate insecurity. Don’t take us on our word, look at history.

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On the set of “Come Away”

Very exciting with new photos of Angelina on the set of Come Away and we think she looks lovely in her 1900s chic outfit, with a white blouse, half apron and a long flowing skirt. It’s very nice to see Angie in blonde hair again! 🙂 They are currently filming in Los Angeles, CA and the photos are from yesterday, September 25.

We at Angelina Jolie Source are the first to post HQ versions of these photos so head over to the gallery at once!

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