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We have collected material on Angelina over the years and always worked on offering the best and most comprehensive information on all of Angelina and her projects. But some things are very rare or hard-to-find material and you’re always hoping that it will eventually show up.

We are certain there are many other fans around the world who have enjoyed Angelina’s career for long and who have collected their own material. We would be very happy if any of you were interested in sharing their collections with the site. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Missing movies

The following films I haven’t been able to track down. Have you?

  • Project
Missing Interviews
  • Interviews
Documentaries & Specials

Documentaries we haven’t been able to find yet, do you know how to?

  • Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (2019)
  • Why Are We Creative? (2018)
  • Kandakat (2018)
  • Hayat Köprüsü/Bridge of Life (TV Series) (2018)
  • Forced from Home (2017)
  • A Place in Time (2007)
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Photos, articles & magazine scans

Articles and interviews with Angelina Jolie help to research the career and causes pages, so if you have collected articles on Angelina or reviews on her films and plays, old or new, please consider sharing them.

  • Elle (China) – April 2018 (2 different covers)
  • Vogue (Russia) – April 2018
  • Real Leaders (US) – Spring 2018
  • 5perc Angol (Hungary) – March 2018
  • Elle (Bulgaria) – March 2018
  • Elle (Czech Republic) – March 2018
  • Elle (Serbia) – March 2018
  • Elle (South Korea) – March 2018
  • Elle (Ukraine) – March 2018
  • Marie Claire (Arabia) – March 2018
  • Party Medycyna Estetyczna (Poland) – March 2018
  • Harpers Bazaar (Indonesia) – February 2018
  • OK! (Pakistan) – January 2018
  • The Hollywood Reporter (Russia) – December/January 2018

Also if you know about any project that’s not listed on here, if you have information, material or how how to find it. Please contact us!