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New “Paris Match” interview

New interview with Angelina by the French magazine Paris Match (France) and it will be in the February 11 issue. If anyone can scan it for the site, please contact us!

On the occasion of 190 years of Guerlain, we met his muse, Angelina Jolie.

We greet her Hollywood, black dress split, red lips. We find her without makeup, dressed in an Italian cashmere, in the wise costume of the role she has held for sixteen years, that of ambassador of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Her clear eyes stared, she smiled little; she is not here to seduce but to convince. “I clicked while traveling, I realized what was happening elsewhere, what I had never been taught before,” she says to explain his first commitment, in 2001, in Sierra Leone. Since then she has been a regular at the refugee camps, to whom she has given much of her time and notoriety. “I am always struck by their dignity, their grace, their resilience. And I often wonder if, in these terrible circumstances, I’ll get there as well as they do. “

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