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New interview by Santa Barbara Independent

New interview with Angelina and Loung Ung from yesterday about First They Killed My Father and perhaps about working together again.

Director Talks About Her Oscar-Nominated Film About Cambodia

Never mind the nattering scuttlebutting and the tabloid “fake news” cycles concerning Angelina Jolie at the moment. What matters now in the famed actress/director/producer’s life is the fact that she has just expanded her impressive filmography as a director, following In the Land of Blood and Honey, Unbroken, and By the Sea, by one, with the engrossing and important new Netflix film First They Killed My Father. What she has wrought is one of the most affecting and, by nature, harrowing — yet also beautiful — cinematic accounts of the Khmer Rouge’s reign of genocidal terror during the 1970s, during which an estimated quarter of the nation’s population of seven million was killed.

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