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New interview by Equity

Interview with Angelina by Fabián W. Waintal and read the full interview in the press archive!

In keeping with the theme of International Women’s Day, Fabián W. Waintal interviews filmmaker, humanitarian and actress Angelina Jolie

The large crowd outside the Glen Gould Studio in Toronto continued to attract people, knowing that Angelina Jolie was going to walk through those doors (albeit if it was with one condition: no questions about Brad Pitt). The gracious actress is least bothered about arriving fashionably late to the interview, and makes it a point to shake hands with most of her fans and take selfies, on her way in. For Angelina Jolie, fans always come first, interviews come later.

Her six children are here, in the theatre, hearing every word she says. That is why Angelina Jolie doesn’t want to talk about her divorce to Brad Pitt. Since she was born, one of the first words she heard was ‘divorce’, when at the age of two, her father, the Academy Award winner Jon Voight and her mother Marcheline Bertrand, separated.