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Message from UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie

“About 600,000 people from the Rohingya people fled Myanmar to Bangladesh within two months. It is the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world. The vast majority are women, children, newborns and the elderly. They arrive exhausted, bruised, hungry and traumatized. They report that their villages were burned, that women and children were raped; that small children were torn from their mothers’ arms to be killed and that the parents were executed in front of their families. The Rohingya were a stateless people. In Myanmar, they are denied citizenship, other human rights and access to basic services, even though they have lived in the country for centuries. Like all of us, they deserve to belong and live free from violence, discrimination and persecution. They need to be able to return to their homes safely, and their basic human rights guaranteed. At this defining moment, as they struggle to survive as refugees, their lives depend on our help. They are counting on us, so we will not forget and not turn our backs on them. “