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How Do You Manage Your Angelina Jolie Movie Collection

How Do You Manage Your Angelina Jolie Movie Collection?
Angelina Jolie now has a very big collection of movie appearances, including both blockbuster mega-hits that have gone on to become classics, and more obscure movies from earlier in her career.

Naturally, a lot of fans like to collect the movies Angelina has been in, and this means managing what can amount to quite a large collection!

Blu-Ray and DVD
While a lot of people prefer to watch the movies that they see on streaming services these days, or by buying digital copies through things like iTunes, there is still a strong collector market for DVD and Blu-Ray. When you collect the physical discs of the movies, you also get all of the bonus materials that are added on, which for fans of an actor can mean exclusive interviews. It can also mean you get new ways of watching the movie, for example having a commentary by the director or writers that can allow you to re-watch the movie from a new perspective and learn more about how it was made. Indeed, studios do a lot to ensure that discs are still a good product that adds value to customers over watching the movie online, so a lot of Angelina Jolie fans still stick to buying her movies on Blu-Ray and DVD and getting limited editions where possible.

Protecting a Physical Movie Collection
When you collect movies on disc, you also get all of the cover art and are able to display your collection at home, which is another bonus. However, DVD collections, especially where they include collector’s editions, can become valuable, and so if you have special DVDs in your Angelina collection then you may want to make sure they are covered on your home insurance! This is also important if you have any other valuable memorabilia, such as autographs.

Digital Collections
Of course, not everyone sees the appeal in collecting physical items, and if your priority is simply to have a complete collection of all of your favorite films, or even all of Angelina’s movies, then a digital collection will be less expensive to build, and will also take up less space! Most people who collect discs seriously also have digital copies of everything, so they don’t need to actually use the discs, preserving their value, and so they can still take their favorite movies with them wherever they go. It can also serve as a back-up in case anything happens to your DVDs.

If you have any kind of digital media collection that is important to you, it is a very good idea to make sure the drive you keep it on is regularly backed up, and you can recover it if you ever need to. Check out this site to learn more about secure backup and recovery.
So, what kind of collection do you have, and how do you make sure all of your Angelina Jolie movies will be safe for as long as you want to own them?