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Gillian Anderson praises Angelina for speaking out about menopause

The lovely actress Gillian Anderson speaks fondly about Angelina and that Angelina did something really important for women to change the stigma surrounding menopause and the risk with breast cancer for women.

Can’t do anything but agreeing with Ms. Anderson!

Anderson says the lack of clear information is one of the biggest problems surrounding perimenopause and the mental health symptoms — “like anxiety, depression, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue” — that follow.

“How wonderful would it be if we could get to a place where we are able to have these conversations openly and without shame,” she says. “Admit, freely, that this is what’s going on. So we don’t feel like we’re going mad or insane or alone in any of the symptoms we are having.”

Anderson credits Angelina Jolie for working to change the stigma when she spoke openly about her menopause.

“When Angelina Jolie made the very, very courageous decision to have both her breasts and her ovaries removed because of genetically being at risk for breast and ovarian cancer, many of the comments (aside from admiration for her decision to go public with a very private matter) were around the concern that it might throw her into early menopause,” Anderson recalls.