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Expected to go to Sudan and participate in documentary

This seems to be another documentary that Angelina will participate in. It’s called Kandakat and is about the country itself’s history and the women and queens who were part of it. I hope we will get more information about this in the near feature. Read article below for more on the documentary.

Sudanese officials have confirmed that the American actress, Angelina Jolie, will be in the country in 20 days from now, to participate in the preparations for a historical film about queens in the history of old Sudan.

Angelina will play the starring role in the film, which is funded by the government of Qatar, they revealed.

This is the first official comment about the participation of international film stars in a film to learn about the history and civilization of Kush, Kerma and the ancient Begrawia in northern Sudan, after a confusion over the validity of earlier news reports.

Al-Raya newspaper and other media reported that world-star Angelina Jolie will star in the documentary film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Berri Larsson, led by world director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarito, winner of Oscar 2016 best director award.

The director of the General Authority for Antiquities and Museums of Sudan, Abdul Rahman Ali Mohammed, said on Thursday that “the film is a kind of promotion for tourism in Sudan, and the definition of Sudanese civilizations.”

After a preparatory meeting for the visit, he confirmed that the movie is an opening that will contribute to the development of tourism to play a clear role in national sustainable economic development.

Former minister Azza Awad al-Karim, president of the Arab African Union for Digital Media, said “Angelina Jolie will visit Sudan on May 25 to learn about the historical features and monuments on the ground, in preparation for the screening of a film about women’s rule in Sudan entitled Kandakat.”

Al-Karim said the visit would be followed by another visit in November to film a proposed film about women’s rule in Sudan, which tells the history of royal rule, called the Kandakat, starring Angelina Jolie and will be a production of the Qatari Mirsal network.

She told the Sudanese news agency that it was also agreed with the Mirsal network to film the documentary (on history begins here), about the Sudanese monuments, noting that the film will feature all the archaeological areas in northern Sudan, “the northern state and the state of the River Nile.”

She further stated that the delegation of the network recently visited Sudan and held meetings with specialists in archeology and history, stressing the need to revise the material documented in the film and the extraction of reliable sources and scientific documents and archaeological statements, which is a strong incentive to produce the film.

In June 2014, the Sudanese authorities refused a visa to international actress and humanitarian activist Angelina Jolie, to attend a ceremony on preventing sexual violence in conflict zones.