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Third day in Peru, meets with Peru’s President

Today, October 23, Angelina held a meeting with Peru’s President, Martín Vizcarra, at 9:00 am, the meeting was held at the Government Palace. Also participating was the minister of Foreign Affairs, Néstor Popolizio.

At the end of the meeting, the Peruvian Foreign Minister and the UNHCR Special Envoy held a press conference, in order to give details of Angelina’s official visit to the country, and to know and analyze the situation of Venezuelan refugees and migrants.

We will try and find the full press conference and add it to the video archive as well, for now we have two shorter news segements.

Article from UNHCR with quotes from Angelina

Outside the white and blue building where immigration formalities are carried out, Venezuelan families camp under trees or wherever they can find some shade.
There are groups of people everywhere, sitting around their piled up belongings, holdall bags and suitcases. Big white tents function as clinics, nurseries, vaccination centres and information points. Adults and children eat and sleep in the open air or in the corridors, while they wait to apply for asylum in Peru.

Since August 2018, Tumbes, a hot and dusty border town in Peru’s arid northern coast, has seen the arrival of tens of thousands of destitute Venezuelan refugees and migrants. Currently, some 2,000 cross from Ecuador every day.

UNHCR’s Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie, was there this week, in order to witness the humanitarian situation, during an official visit to Peru on behalf of UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, who visited Tumbes himself earlier this month.

Peru is one of the countries most affected by the surge in Venezuelan refugees and migrants in the last three years – the largest movement of people in Latin America’s recent history.

In Tumbes, Jolie visited the Daughters of Saint Anne, who have turned their convent into a soup kitchen, where hundreds of women, children and men can have at least one hot meal a day. She also visited the binational border post and a shelter for Venezuelan refugees and migrants in the Peruvian capital, Lima. She spoke to many refugees who told her about the reasons why they had to flee Venezuela.
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Second day for Angelina in Peru

As usual when Angelina is visiting countries in her role as an UNHCR Special Envoy, she has a busy schedule and she tries to do as much as possible. On October 22nd, she went to the city of Tumbes in the district of Corrales, where she visited an shelter run by the mothers of Santa Ana where Venezuelan women and children are cared for who left their country due to the crisis. After this she went to a meeting at the Plaza Mayor de Tumbes Help Center in Tumbesm which is also a place to assist the Venezuelan refugees who have just arrived in Peru.

After these two visits she also went to the Binational Border Care Center (Cebaf), where there are about 3,500 Venezuelans waiting to enter Peru.

The UN has asked Angelina Jolie to Peru to assess the situation of refugees venezuelans, has announced the High Commissioner for refugees, several local media indicating that she had arrived on Sunday in Lima.

As a goodwill ambassador for the united nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), the hollywood star will conduct “a three-day mission to assess the humanitarian needs of refugees venezuelans”, who are fleeing en masse the economic crisis in their country, “and the challenges facing Peru, as host country,” according to a press release from the UNHCR.

According to an estimate of Lima, 456.000 Venezuelans currently residing in Peru, compared to 6,000 in 2016.

According to the united nations, 2.3 million Venezuelans (or 7.5% of them) live abroad, of which 1.6 million have emigrated since 2015, when the shortages of food and medicine have worsened, in parallel to the hyperinflation. Inflation is expected to reach 1.350.000% this year, according to the IMF.

Photos has been added to the gallery as well as videos to the video archive!

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Angelina in Peru in her role as UNHCR Special Envoy

Angelina is currently in Peru with the UNHCR and we have added photos and videos from her visiting refugees and charity workers there. She will probably stay there for some days so we are sure we will get to see more photos.

UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie is carrying out an official visit to Peru this week. Peru is one of the countries most affected by the surge in Venezuelan refugees and migrants – the largest movement of people in Latin America’s recent history.

Following up on the UN High Commissioner for Refugees recent visit to the region, Jolie is undertaking a three-day mission to assess the humanitarian needs of Venezuelan refugees and the challenges facing Peru as a host country, and to discuss the possible regional responses to the crisis.

During her mission, the Special Envoy will meet refugees, representatives of the Government of Peru and organizations contributing to the humanitarian response. She will visit programmes providing protection and assistance to asylum-seekers, refugees and host families, and observe Peru’s generous response to Venezuelan refugees and migrants.

The Special Envoy focuses on major displacement crises, representing UNHCR and the High Commissioner at the diplomatic level. The Special Envoy Jolie last visited Latin America in 2012, for a mission to Ecuador, her third visit to meet then Colombian refugees in the region.

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Big modeling photos and videos update

A big update this time! We have gone through all the photos and videos related to Angelina’s work as a model, her modeling jobs in recent years and also some commercials she has done. Angie has done campaigns for perfume, clothes, make-up, bags, sunglasses, toothpaste and more – a good CV if you ask us!

While promoting Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life in 2003 she was also involved with movie tie-in campaigns for Got Milk?, Panasonic, Tissot Watches and Jeep. And another project that used to be really rare one was a comedy commercial she did for Animal Planet to promote the program Wild on the Set, this has also been added. It has been rumored since around 2005 that Angelina narrated a commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Deluxe, but we have been unable to find out, do you know?

We have choosen to divide it up after fashion brands, fashion spreads in magazines and then unknown photoshoots and private sessions Angelina did to get photos to send out through her agencies. You can read about all these projects here, there you will find general information, facts and more for each project she has worked on.

View all the videos in the video archive and photos, scans and screencaptures in the gallery. We are certain that you will find rare and site exclusive stuff when you’re browsing!

If you have any information about the modeling jobs, have photos or are able to scan things for us, please contact us. We are aiming to be a complete archive over Angelina’s work and everything related to her – so please help us out and be part of the mission! 🙂

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Music video related photos

A smaller update with photos related to the music videos Angelina has participated in. CD Covers, posters, on the set footage and photoshoots and also a rare behind the scene video from the Antonello Venditti’s music video “Alta Marea”. We also added the photoshoot by director Samuel Bayer from the set of the Rolling Stones music video “Anybody Seen My Baby?”, which also was published in the 2017 Hunger Magazine.

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