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‘The Tourist’ photos

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People had been talking and hoping that Angelina and Johnny Depp would do a movie together for many years and in 2010 it finally happened with The Tourist. A lot of people went to see the movie but not many seemed to like it that much unfortunately. And I guess its up the viewer, it’s beautifully shot so it’s absolutely worth a watch for all us fans.

It was filmed in Paris, France for a few days and mainly in Venice, Italy. The media was going nuts with silly rumours about Angie and Johnny and they were photographed a lot and that’s why there is a lot of on set photos.

Read more about the film at the filmography page, watch the trailer here and view photos in the gallery!

New York Times Magazine goes through a scene with Angelina

The New York Times Magazine goes through a scene togeher with Angelina and you can view it below. It’s really interesting to listen to Angelinas thoughts on scenes and the movie making in general, hopefully the DVD will have a lot of extras like this!

Film directors walk viewers through one scene of their movies, showing the magic, motives and the mistakes from behind the camera.

“First They Killed My Father” New York Premiere After Party

Angelina also went to the after party of the New York Premiere of First They Killed My Father and it seems like her older teenage sons Maddox and Pax were the ones old enough to come with her!