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Last Bluray- and DVD Screencaptures added

This feels amazing! We have now completed the task of adding Bluray- and DVD screencaptures, extras and video clips from all of Angelina’s films and not only that – we have also added screencaptures from all versions of each film. With Alexander having 4 versions, Salt 3 and several films having a theatrical version and a director’s cut etc. We decided to do this because some scenes are only featured in some specific versions and we didn’t want to miss anything. This was a huge project and we are very happy to be finished and we hope you are as well!

This last update includes:
Salt (Extended Cut)
Gone in 60 Seconds (Director’s Cut)
Gia (R-Rated Version)

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Magazine Scans and Photoshoots from 2013 & 2012

So now 2013 and 2012’s magazine scans and photoshoots has been sorted and added to the gallery and we have already started on previous years so expect a lot more to come in a short time! Angelina didn’t have any major releases these two years so it was less interviews made and she was featured in less magazines but the lovely photoshoot taken in 2013 with her hero and friend Louis Zamperini for the release of Unbroken in 2014.

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Attends meeting at the Foreign Office

Angelina attended a meeting at the Foreign Office before the PSVI Film Festival. The meeting was with the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict, Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, Arminka Helic, Chloe Dalton among others.

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At the ‘PSVI Film Festival’

Angelina attended the PSVI Film Festival and the Fighting Stigma through Film event today and the festival runs from November 23 to 24 at the British Film Institute in London. She opened the festival with holding a speech at the reception and she begun with the quote, “The power of film and storytelling can help fight stigma and discrimination.”

“The power of storytelling to help us understand evidence and empathy.”

Angelina was wearing a white dress, wearing a black overcoat, and attended the fans, taking pictures and handing out autographs. She held a Q&A at the “City of Joy” Screening as you can see in videos and photos in the gallery.

‘The Fighting Stigma Through Film’ festival is organized by the PSVI (Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative) and will feature a number of films and documentaries that address the issue of sexual violence. The 2-day festival includes screenings of 38 films and documentaries from around the world.

Photos has been added from the main events of the festival, and you can view them in the gallery and also some videos!

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New version and features at Angelina Jolie Source!

We have worked hard to launch a new version of Angelina Jolie Source and here it finally is! One of the reason for it getting online now is that in 2019 we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Girl, Interrupting premiering, more exactly, December 8, 1999! A huge fan favorite for obvious reasons and a movie that will always be special to our hearts – as well as the remarkable performance from Angelina which gained her an Academy Award!

We pay extra tribute to the movie by adding more information about the film, a section in the sidebar at the right, with added video clips and the acceptance speech, photos from the movie and the Oscars in 2000 where we can see Angelina holding her statuette happy and proud!

The wonderful header was made by our friend Frederik so a big “thank you” to him! The photos we’ve used is a photoshoot taken for the magazine, The New York Times in 2017, promoting First They Killed My Father.

Other big updates is a more advanced press archive and we are still working on making it even easier to browse through year, covers, country, projects etc. So keep checking that section out for a lot of new interviews and we will keep adding magazine scans to the gallery as well. We took the opportunity to update the biography too so get over there and read a resume about what Angelina has been up to.

Another addition is the new section called the Timeline: The Complete Works, where all of Angelina’s projects are listed by year and we are very exciting for putting this online. Be sure to go there and have a look!

Enjoy all the new features and we hope you enjoy the new version and the new features!

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