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Big movie photos update

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Been adding a lot of photos and captures from several of Angelinas movies so be sure to go to the gallery to view all the new photos. I’ve also added a lot of trailers, film clips och extras clips to the video archive, so be sure to go there too!

‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ photos added

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Added a lot of photos from the movie which made everyone know who Angelina is! She will always be our Lady Lara Croft and it’s always nostalgic to remember the first big action movie in which Angie was part of. I’m still working on gathering the extras from different DVD releases so they will come up in the future.

Beside the photos and captures be sure to view the video clips in the video archive!

Event honoring the victims of the Srebrenica genocide

Angelina sent a video message at an event honoring the victims of the Srebrenica genocide on July 11, 2017 in Guildhalls, London, UK. Read part of the speech below as well as the video and some photos has been added to the gallery.

“With them we are. We must never forget. Wherever that hatred does not dispute, violence is only a few steps,” she stressed. Anyone who has visited BiH know that Bosnians tolerant and humane people, warm and open heart, with a wonderful sense of humor. In addition, they are strong, extremely resistant people who have endured genocide and ethnic cleansing and other Defiance spirit, and everything else around them in ruins. Bosnians do not complain. They are humble people. They do not ask for special treatment or attention.

Every year, many victims await identification. Today, on the anniversary of the genocide, are still fresh graves in the cemetery in Potocari. When I think of Srebrenica imagine green hills and wide valley. My mind is turning towards Sarajevo, cafes and cobbled streets of the old town , with the cathedral, minarets and a synagogue. it’s still hard to believe that genocide could happen on European soil, a few hours away from European capitals, throughout our lives. the lesson is that violence in various forms quickly appear if the hatred, intolerance and aggression does not prevent it. And unfortunately, none of these things does not belong to the past. they are deeply rooted in human nature. they are in contradiction of all that pleased in democratic societie.”

‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ photos added

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This has become a somewhat fan favorite because of the character Sway that Angelina portrayed back in 2000. Angelina spoke about wanting to do something fun and less mentally draining after dealing with both The Bone Collector and then Girl, Interrupted. So she became a part of the 70s remake of Gone in 60 Seconds and you can say it was Angies first action movie!

Enjoy the photos!