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Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards

The first photos of Angelina is out now and she looks gorgeous as usual! Now we just have to see how it goes for both First They Killed My Father and The Breadwinner. We will continue to keep you updated!

The award show is now over and unfortunately didn’t either First They Killed My Father and The Breadwinner win an award. But we got to see Angelina present an award and you can view the video below and we have added many more photos from the event.

Angelina went to the show with her son Pax and the duo showed their support for the Time’s Up movement by dressing in black, Angelina elegant as always in a chiffon gown with a feathered cape and Pax in a classic tux. With them was also Loung Ung and Rithy Panh.

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Angie to present award at the Golden Globes

Both First They Killed My Father and The Breadwinner are nominated and Angelina wil present an award as well! The Golden Globes is on Sunday January 7th! We can’t wait!

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New press junket interview for “The Breadwinner”

New press junket interview for “The Breadwinner”

Angelina Jolie on her animated Oscar contender ‘The Breadwinner‘: ‘I hope this film does speak to young girls around the world’

From Belle to Rey to Wonder Woman, 2017 was a banner year for female heroes in mainstream Hollywood blockbusters. Sadly, most of the year’s major animated films didn’t exactly follow suit. With the exception of Cars 3‘s Cruz Ramirez, male heroes drove most of the antics in cartoons like The Boss Baby, The Lego Batman Movie, and even Coco. If you’re looking for an animated heroine on par with Diana — minus her Lasso of Truth and bullet-catching bracelets — look no further than The Breadwinner, the latest release from the internationally focused family friendly distributor Gkids and a dark-horse Oscar contender for the Best Animated Feature statue at this year’s Oscars. (The film is already vying for a Golden Globe this weekend.)

Directed by Nora Twomey and produced by Angelina Jolie, The Breadwinner tells the story of a young Afghan girl named Parvana, who defies the restrictive Taliban regime to support her family after her father is imprisoned. It may sound like challenging subject matter, but Jolie believes that Parvana’s heroism will resonate with audiences her age. “I hope this film does speak to young girls around the world, and young boys,” the Oscar-winning actress-turned-director remarks in this new interview clip exclusively premiering on Yahoo Entertainment.

Jolie has witnessed the film’s impact on children first hand, having previewed it for a group of young viewers and taken note of their reactions. “The first time a child is exposed to this kind of life… it moves them to want to value their education and their opportunity. It awakens a sense of that fight for human rights in young people.” Who knows? Maybe The Breadwinner could be the origin story for a new generation of real-life heroes.

The Breadwinner is currently playing in theaters. Watch the trailer below:

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Nora Twomey speaks about Angelina helping “The Breadwinner” happening

As us all probably know now, Angelina was the executive producer of The Breadwinner and the movie has been praised everywhere! Nora Twomey, an animator and filmmaker was interviewed by Times Colonist and she mentions Angelina foundly. Read some parts of the interview below:

It’s rare to see Jolie on the red carpet with so much of her brood, and the moment made international headlines and provided a big boost to the independent Canadian co-production, which features various forms of 2D animation.

“For our cast, I think it was incredible for Angie to stand on the carpet with them all, and certainly for us it was fantastic,” Twomey said in a recent phone interview.
“I don’t think any of us had ever experienced cameras flashing to that extent ever before. But it was such a strong message to bring her children and to celebrate the film. It was a really, really great day.”

Twomey said Jolie signed on to the film about three years ago, when they were in the early stages of script development. Jolie was a perfect fit, given her work with Afghan refugees and schools in the country.

She “shared our sensibilities and helped guide the process, from the casting all the way through to the exact sensibility of this story and where the story leads to,” said Twomey, co-founder and creative director at Cartoon Saloon, which is behind productions including the series “Puffin Rock” and the Oscar-nominated “The Secret of Kells.

“As a female film director, to have another female film director to be able to ring up and seek guidance from was great. It was fantastic for our cast as well, because she very much asked me to, where I could, cast Afghan actors or at least people who had some kind of a story to tell in terms of moving from one country to another, or some kind of depth to them and intelligence to bring to the part.”

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“The Breadwinner” trailer and cast interview

The official trailer for The Breadwinner has been released and you can view it below, there is also a new interview with the creator and cast of the film and they speak about Angelina and how she helped the project happen!

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