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Go and see an interview panel with Angelina and Loung Ung in December

Here is your chance to go to an event and listen to a conversation panel/interview with Angelina and Loung ung about First They Killed My Father. If I had the chance I would buy tickets at once! The event will be at Kaufmann Concert Hall, New York on December 14th. Go and grab your tickets here!

Angelina Jolie with Special Guest Loung Ung, followed by a screening of their film, First They Killed My Father

Actor-Director-Producer-Writer Angelina Jolie, with Cambodian author and activist Loung Ung, will talk with Moderator Annette Insdorf about their film, First They Killed My Father, which will be screened after the onstage discussion.

Although Angelina Jolie is best known for her performances in such films as Girl, Interrupted (for which she won an Academy Award), Lara Croft, A Mighty Heart (as Mariane Pearl), Salt and Maleficent, she has become a major creative force behind the camera. First They Killed My Father is her fourth film as a director, following In the Land of Blood and Honey, Unbroken and By the Sea.

She also co-wrote the screenplay with Loung Ung, whose bestselling memoir the film is based upon. The story is told through her eyes, from the age of five — starting in 1975, when the Khmer Rouge came to power — to nine years old. Ung also serves as an Executive Producer on the film.

First They Killed My Father (2 hours, 16 minutes) is a Netflix film, produced by Jolie and Rithy Panh, the renowned Cambodian director of the Oscar-nominated The Missing Picture, and himself a survivor of the Khmer Rouge. It is the official entry from Cambodia for the Academy Award for Best Foreign-Language Film.

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Smaller “First They Killed My Father” LA Screening

Angie went to yet another First They Killed My Father Screening and this was a smaller one at “The Ross House” in Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills.

One of the guests as you can see in one of the photos were actress Frances Fisher who worked with Angelina in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds. She wrote kindly about Angelina and the film on her Instagram:

#1 Film: #FirstTheyKilledMyFather — #AngelinaJolie’s stunning & heart wrenching film based on the book by #Author and #HumanRights Activist #LoungUng, telling of her childhood experience surviving the deadly #KhmerRouge regime in #Cambodia 1975-1978.
Seen through the eyes of a child, this story told by Ms. Jolie is filmmaking at its best.
The devotion of Ms. Ung’s family despite the horrors they endured is an inspiration.
Millions of #Cambodian people were murdered by this #despot #PolPot. This is a must-see #Film.
Angie & I did #GoneInSixtySeconds years ago, and I am simply in awe of what a remarkable #filmmaker she has become.
This is a perfect film. #Direction #Cinematography #Acting #ProductionDesign #Costume #Hair #Makeup #Score #Editing #Writing 🎭

Hopefully more photos will show up!

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AFI Fest – “First They Killed My Father” Screening

Loung Ung and Angelina went to the AFI Fest on November 13 for yet another screening of First They Killed My Father. It’s so wonderful with all these new photos and Angie looking so happy and at ease. There is also some new videos from this event and it’s so lovely to see how kind Angelina is to all her fans, taking the time to talk and sign autographs. A joy to watch! View can view more new videos here.

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Presenting award to Agnès Varda at the “Governors Awards”

Angelina had the honor to present and give an honary Oscar Award to the wonderful and talented French director Agnès Varda. Angie looked absolutely wonderful in her beautiful dress and she looked so happy and as you can see in video and photos below, she and Agnès took the opportunity to dance on stage!

In a recent interview with Agnès by Los Angeles Times she said that Jolie is an incredible woman:

“I know that Angelina Jolie will deliver the prize to me. She is an amazing and interesting woman. She does not just have the talent to act, but she has a position of life that makes me like her. I am very feminist, as you know and as everyone knows. The position she has in relation to women, children and her own fame … she uses it in a very interesting way. “

And here is some quotes from Angelina when she had a chat with Paris Match:

Paris Match. Why did you want to be present on Saturday evening with Agnès Varda at the presentation of her Honorary Oscar?
Angelina Jolie. First of all because she is a woman and she is the first director to be awarded honorary Oscar in history. But, Agnes, it’s even more than that, it’s not just a woman, she’s just an extraordinary person.

Because she knew by her cinema to speak about the world, and especially people, with empathy, curiosity and especially with a lot of love. When I’m with Agnes, I understand again what it’s like to be an artist. When you spend time with her, she reminds you how much you should not be in the norm, you have to look further and question the world.

She also represents the New Wave, this different way of approaching the cinema of which she was one of the inspirers …
But for me, Agnès is the new wave. In my opinion, it has brought more to the cinema than filmmakers like Godard or Truffaut. For this ceremony, Steven Spielberg moved especially for her, to tell him how much she had brought to the cinema, how that different way of doing movies had nurtured him when he was still a student. And today, when I see “Faces Villages“, her latest film she’s almost 90 years old, I think she’s the youngest and most creative of us. It is a film so poetic and light that it is almost naïve but, at the same time, it raises the question of the transmission, the ideals lost. And most importantly, Agnes knows how to film the ills of our societies like no other. She is an example of intelligence and nonconformity for all of us.

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At the The Los Angeles Times Roundtable and Netflix Holiday Party

Angelina attended two new events yesterday, November 10. The Los Angeles Times Roundtable and later in the evening, the Netflix Holiday Party. Hopefully the LA Times will release photoshoot photos like they usually do for the Roundtable issue. Enjoy!

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