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More “Come Away” on the set photos

Some more and probably the last set of behind the scenes photos from Come Away. We will try and find more from this set and in better quality but they are very blurry, unfortunately.

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“Come Away” finish filming and new on set photo

The lovely actor David Oyelowo, who is Angelina’s co-star in upcoming Come Away posted a behind the scene photo of some of the cast and the crew on his Instagram, along with the text.

Our film COME AWAY is now in the can! Can’t wait to share this magical reimagining of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan with you all. 🎥❤️👊🏾

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More photos from the set of “Come Away”

Here is many more pictures of Angelina from the set of Come Away in Hollywood, CA and she was seen together with co-stars David Oyelowo and Anna Chancellor and apparently she was seen sipping on Fiji Water. Enjoy these HQs added to the gallery!

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On the set of “Come Away”

Very exciting with new photos of Angelina on the set of Come Away and we think she looks lovely in her 1900s chic outfit, with a white blouse, half apron and a long flowing skirt. It’s very nice to see Angie in blonde hair again! 🙂 They are currently filming in Los Angeles, CA and the photos are from yesterday, September 25.

We at Angelina Jolie Source are the first to post HQ versions of these photos so head over to the gallery at once!

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Set photos from “Come Away”

Here is some on set photos from Come Away which is currently being filmed in London, UK. Unfortunately hasn’t Angelina been photographed but hopefully we will get some photos soon! We also added a project page for the film and we will keep all the latest news collected there as well.

Started on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, the recordings of the new film starring actress Angelina Jolie and actor David Oyelowo.

Several Twitter and Instagram users have shared on social networks, photos from the long film sets. The streets of London, in the UK, have been transformed into scenarios for the new film that will feature Brenda Chapman (“Valente”) and Marissa Kate Goodhill. The fantastic drama imagines a scenario in which Peter [Pan] and Alice [in Wonderland] are brothers, in a context previous to their famous stories.

When the eldest of the family dies early in a tragic accident, the couple of young protagonists – long before they are the stars of two of the most famous fables in history – are forced to protect their parents Rose and Jack (Jolie and Oyelowo) from despair of mourning. The burden of the task will present a crossroads: either the two brothers choose the reality they know at home or enter the world of imagination – which begins to create the perfect setting for their future journeys.

The role of Peter will be played by young actor Jordan A. Nash and the role of Alice will be played by young actress Keira Chansa. In addition to them, the film will also feature actor Michael Caine. Despite this, the film still does not have an expected debut date.

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