Rumored Projects

80s & 90s
  • Was considered for the role of Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell (1989), which went to Tiffani Thiessen.
  • Auditioned to star as Bonnie in The Craft (1996), but the part went to Neve Campbell.
  • The role of Alex in Charlie’s Angels (2000) was originally offered to her but she turned it down after admitting she was not a fan of the original series and the part eventually went to Lucy Liu.
  • In 2001 it was rumored that Angelina’s brother James Haven was going to direct the play Hamlet at London’s West End with Angelina playing Ophelia. We never read more about this project but their father Jon Voight was quoting saying:

    I’m sure if she decides to play Ophelia she will be a success.”

  • In June 2001 it was said that Angelina was in talks to star in the movie Under the Skin and that it would be directed by Jonathan Glazer. The movie didn’t happen until 2013 and stars Scarlett Johansson.

    Back in 2001 a source close to the film said:

    “Jolie would be superb and she enjoyed making Tomb Raider (2001) in Britain. So, it’s a question of talking her into coming back.”

  • Announced in late 2002 that she was “in talks” to portray the late porn star Linda Lovelace.
  • Angelina was supposed to carry the Olympic torch through the Greek city of Athens on August 12, 2004. And it was was to symbolically hold the torch on behalf of the world’s refugees, with whom she has been working as part of her role at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

    But, in a statement, UNHCR said Jolie would be detained by director Doug Liman who is putting together extra scenes for Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005).The statement reads:

    “Ms. Jolie was requested to be available in the US from August 10 onwards in connection with the re-shooting of a series of movie scenes.”

  • Was attached to Love and Honor in 2004 as Catherine The Great but the project has since been delayed and neither Disney or Angelina are still connected to it.
  • It was a short time rumour in 2006 that Angelina was going to star in Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) together with Brad Pitt when they had recently met. (source)
  • Was considered for the role of Natasha Rushman/Black Widow in Iron Man 2 (2010) after Emily Blunt dropped out of the project, but Scarlett Johansson was cast instead.
  • In 2011 and untill 2014, Cleopatra was in talks, but it seems like the movie won’t happen. James Cameron was first supposed to direct it but chose to work on another project instead and the movie was rumored to be be based off the Stacy Schiff book Cleopatra: A Life.

    “It’s a hard one to get right. It needs to be about something other than sex and jewelry. She was a very complicated leader of a country.”
    – Angelina in Vogue 2015

    “It’s one of those roles where you think: maybe that’s the one you put everything into, and that’s where you end it – in a great way. What could you do beyond that one?”
    – Angelina in Hello (UK) 2014

  • Was originally cast as Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011) before being replaced by Charlize Theron, who in turn was replaced by Taylor Schilling.
  • Angelina Jolie was originally cast in the role of Ryan Stone in Gravity (2013) but dropped out later. Sandra Bullock was cast instead.