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At the “Jane” Premiere

Last night Angelina went to the Jane Premiere in Los Angeles, CA and is pictured with her friend and activist Jane Goodall. It makes me so happy that Jane gets some recognizing for her amazing and hard work. She’s been a hero of mine since childhood and it makes me even happier that Angelina shares this admiration!

Jane Premiere

The documentary made by National Geographic, which I cant wait to see, will be out in limited release on October 20.

“I am so happy to be here to support my friend, and the cause that she has given her whole adult life to — helping us understand nature and our place in it. And now calling on us all to really grasp that we don’t have unlimited time to save wildlife and the environment. When someone with all Jane’s wealth of experience and knowledge and wisdom tells us that, we really have to take notice.”

“My children look up to Jane not only as someone who has lived an amazing, brave, adventurous life but as an example of a person fighting for all she believes in. She is a reminder that the greatest voices are not always those who always shout the loudest, but those who are committed and consistent and dedicated over so many years.”