Marie Claire (Arabia)

Its name is appropriate
March 2018   |   Written by Leila Smara   |   Original Source

One of the most important icons in the world of luxury French and one of the leading international leaders in the field of perfume and cosmetics. It is France’s Guerlain which is still in the lead even after 190 years, despite the great competition it is experiencing.

If the Terracota powder from Guerlain is sold every 20 seconds, imagine the success of the new Mon Guerlain in March 2018. We are on a date with more magic and magnificence in a fragrance that will astound women and captivate men’s minds!

The name Angelina is also derived from the word “angel” in English, a word describing the spirit of this woman and her angelic personality and has already proved to be an angel on earth.

Over time, the image of this contemporary star evolves and grows more and more attractive both in terms of her professional life and her social and human activities.

Her image came to mind when I met her at the Guerlain House for an interview with Marie Claire, the only Arab magazine to be invited. Jolie, with elegance, charm, beauty and unmatched brilliance!

She chose a light beige view and a very fine reception to receive her charm throughout the room. I saw many aspects, I saw the mother and housewife and saw a woman determined and determined on the one hand but very soft and soft on the other. It seemed to me to be an embodiment of the empowerment of contemporary women. There is no doubt that Angelina stands out and shines in the field of cinema, but in return, she sets herself apart and works with all her might in human activities.

She is the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and has more than 50 humanitarian missions registered in more than 10 third world countries. When Guerlain chose her new ambassador, she did not list multiple names to choose the most appropriate but put only one name: Angelina Jolie. So the choice was natural as if this relationship that brings together this exceptional woman is like a mother’s relationship with her this context Angelina’s “angelic” aspect also appears in her personal life, not only in her career. Of the six children, three were from different countries.

Family members speak more than 10 languages under one roof. In our interview with Jolie, she told me how interested she was in educating her children and about their desire to share experiences of life and real feelings to form an idea of real reality as well as theories. She took her son Maddox, for example, to Cambodia, where she was filming her film to get to know his native country and also accompany her second son to practice his hobby of photography on the ground.

She is making great efforts to support her children and teach them outside the classical framework to experience life on the ground as well, just as her son saw us in our interview with Guerlain, who was training to become a perfume expert at the house.Finally, Angelina Jolie’s education reflects on her children the message of peace that she carries and tries to spread throughout the world.