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Solo with Angelina Jolie
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Angelina Jolie: feminine, feminist, strong, fragile and diva. Hollywood glamor icon, winner of an Oscar, considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet, a symbol of the fight against cancer and a human rights defender, Jolie opens in this exclusive interview. The actress, synonymous with elegance and advertising girl Mon Guerlain perfume, talks about her family, her social commitment and her new concept of femininity. Angelina in her purest state.

Her commitment to social causes as well as her own life experience have made Angelina one of Hollywood’s most respected voices. This is because, each time he speaks, his words have a different weight from the other stars of the seventh art. Jolie knows what it’s like to face life. And she did so recently, demonstrating her enviable strength in tackling breast cancer in a radical way: “My mother fought cancer nearly a decade and died at age fifty-six. She lived long enough to see the first of her grandchildren and carry him in her arms, but my other children will never have the opportunity to meet her or even know who she was, “Jolie confessed in a letter published by The New York newspaper Times “after undergoing a double mastectomy. Three years later, her divorce from Brad Pitt made her face another challenge. Defender and promoter of a new feminism, with a strong personality but full of fragility, Angelina never lost even a drop and its elegant femininity.

What does femininity mean to you?
Many different things. There is not just one version of femininity. It means different things at different times and in different places. It can be a certain tenderness and elegance, but it can also be women marching and fighting for their rights and the rights of others.

At what age did you feel more comfortable with your femininity?
When I became a mother for the first time and today. This feeling of ease, of growing and changing with each passing year and every stage of life. For me, it has to do with learning and accepting what life gives you.

You are the mouthpiece of a French perfume. We always hear the expression of “French femininity”, how would you define it?
Classical, refined, it understands elegance combined with strength of mind and personality. Balance.

How would you explain this old-fashioned idea that, after the age of forty, femininity disappears as men become better with age?
This simply is not true. Wisdom, understanding with age, clarity of thought – all things that arise with age – are also feminine and beautiful qualities. I like to think that we have all become better with age, both men and women.

Which of the roles you have played, do you think it best represents femininity? What about feminism?
The role of Marianne Pearl in the film “The Price of Courage” (A Mighty Heart). She is a woman I admire and whom I have learned. She overcame everything with strength and elegance.

Women have never played so many roles in life: mother, wife, business woman … How can they all be at the same time?
Women have always assumed many roles and we are prepared to take on many more, but we must not forget to also take care of ourselves.

How can a perfume represent femininity?
Serving all mood states. That’s what I like about Mon Guerlain perfume.

How can a woman be really good with her femininity when many different things are required: to be beautiful and sexy but without giving in to the dictates of fashion and male social domination?
There is nothing more attractive than a person who is totally herself, without inhibitions, in any way whatsoever. We all recognize when we see this-those women whose beauty is, in fact, their spirit and their inability to be anything but true to themselves.

Is femininity and feminism incompatible?
Equality is not about all of us being equal. It is about having the freedom to make our own choices and to live our own lives fully, not at the expense of men, but at the side of men. It is not a wanting to overthrow the other, but to raise one another together. I think it’s not enough, how much we need the men in our lives to be strong, capable, and the best they can be.

Can we imagine a society in which men and women are the same, but where women do not have to “turn men”?
Of course!

How can we introduce and educate children about feminism?
Through diverse and strong feminine examples and also studying the past: understanding how much freedom we had to fight to conquer and the need to defend ourselves, and how many women live in countries where they are not yet free. Some of the people my children admire most are women who have experienced conflict or overcome adversity. It happens that these people are women, but that’s not what defines them. It is your strength and your example.

What would you like your girls to learn or take with their femininity?
To be themselves, completely. But honestly, they teach me every day. They are so different, and each in their own way and with strong personalities.

If there was a core value you would like your children to convey to their children, what would it be?
Freedom and kindness!

Guerlain has been working 10 years to protect biodiversity and the planet. What relationship do you have with the environment and how are you communicating it to your children?
We have projects that help protect the environment in Cambodia and Namibia. In our family we often talk about how everything is connected – the wildlife, the environment, and the well-being of people. To protect, you have to protect everything. The most beautiful thing is that each of us can do our part in several different ways.