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Angelina to appear in documentary “The Queen’s Green Planet”

Angelina will star in a new documentary alongside English Queen and Sir David Attenborough. It will air on April 16 at 9pm on ITV. Hopefully it will be available in other mediums soon!

The Queen will star in a new documentary which explores her plans to create a global network of forest conservation initiatives across all 53 Commonwealth countries.

The initiative marks the Queen’s lifetime service to the Commonwealth and her wish to preserve natural habitats for future generations.

Here’s what you need to know ahead of the documentary airing:

What time is it on TV?

The Queen’s Green Planet airs on Monday 16 April at 9pm on ITV.

Who will appear?

The Queen herself, offering a rare look at her life, aged 91, as she explores the grounds of Buckingham Palace with Sir David Attenborough.

Angelina Jolie, and Princes William and Harry, will also put in an appearance as they support the Queen’s initiative.

What should I expect?

The documentary follows the Queen and her ambitious legacy project to create a global network of protected forests.

It features a lengthy conversation between the Queen and Sir David Attenborough as they wandered around the gardens of Buckingham Palace in summer last year, where they discussed a range of subjects including climate change to conkers and birthday gifts. There was even a little joke about Donald Trump.

Prince Harry will be seen planting trees in the Caribbean and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest.