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All of Angelina’s music videos

Angelina has been in 13 music videos since 1991, the year she appeared in her first one. Some of these are just footage from movies she starred in, but most of them are exclusive videos with some fantastic scenes. Perhaps you didn’t know that there is two versions of The Rolling Stones video and it’s several of the scenes that are different! You can view captures and both versions of the videos in our video archive.

In early 00’s when this site was originally started there was some really rare photos with bad quality of Angelina holding a dove and nobody knew where it was from – but now we do! Back in 1993 Angelina did yet another music video for the band Widespread Panic and the song “Wondering”. She also modeled for the CD, LP covers and posters. All of these rarities can be viewed in the gallery as well!

So go and look at the screencaptures, watch the music videos in the video archive and read more about them all at the career pages.